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LX-4 proton mines were a model of mine produced Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. and used by the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War against the Alliance to Restore the Republic. When the scavenger Rey found the wreckage of the All Terrain Armored Transport Hellhound Two on the planet Jakku, the manifest for the walker listed that there should have beeen twenty-five LX-4 proton mines onboard. Rey could find no trace of the mines, and later wrote about the missing explosives in her journal, writing that she worried that they might be buried and armed near to the wreckage.[1]

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LX-4 proton mines were first mentioned in the Imperial Sourcebook, a Star Wars Legends supplement released in 1989 for the West End Games Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. They were confirmed to be canon by the reference book Rey's Survival Guide, which was written by Jason Fry and released in 2015.

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