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The LX-4 proton mine was a self-detonating defensive mine produced by Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. for use by the Imperial Military.

The LX-4 makes use of a refitted Proton torpedo warhead for both anti-vehicle and anti-personnel use. The mine was buried to a depth of half a meter as part of creating an effective defensive perimeter. It utilized two sensor suites: a gravity-sensitive sensor which detected the magnetic disturbances of passing vehicles, and a thermal sensor which detected body heat. An intruder detected within five meters of the mine would cause it to detonate.

Once set, the LX-4 could not be disarmed except by detonation, which was considered a major drawback of its use. This design feature was created in response to an incident involving LX-2 comlink mines on the world of Calonica.


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