"What happened to Laane?"
"He got swarmed by those little beasts…I think they're called cannoks."
―Onderon separatists[2]

Laane was a Human male scout in the Onderonian military. In 3951 BBY, during the Dark Wars, he was part of the Onderon separatists that followed General Vaklu in the Onderon Civil War against the Republic-backed Onderonian Queen Talia. In that year, Laane was part of a scout team under the command of Colonel Tobin that was sent to the jungle moon of Dxun, which orbited the planet Onderon. Laane and the team were ordered to eliminate Meetra Surik after the Onderon separatists forced her freighter to land on the moon. When the team began their search, Laane was immediately surrounded by a pack of indigenous cannoks and was eventually killed by the beasts. Soon afterward, Kelborn, a scout who had been sent from a Mandalorian clan hiding on the moon, discovered his body.


"Looks like a scout, and pretty green, too. The fool walked right into a group of cannoks and got torn apart."

Laane was a Human male who lived during the years prior to and during[2] the Dark Wars.[1] He was employed as a scout in the Onderon military. Along with Colonel Tobin and the majority of the Onderonian military under Tobin's command, Laane was part of the Onderon separatists following the commander-in-chief of the military, General Vaklu, who opposed the rule of pro-Republic Onderonian Queen Talia.[2] In 3951 BBY,[1] the separatists had allied with remnants of Darth Malak's Sith Empire and were required to partake in the elimination of Lost Jedi. In that year, the first battle of the Onderon Civil War began when the Onderon separatists' space forces fired on a small freighter, the Ebon Hawk, which carried the former Jedi Knight[2] Meetra Surik,[3] after they located the ship among the blockaded ships above Onderon. The attack damaged the Ebon Hawk, and the ship was forced to land on the planet's orbiting moon, Dxun.[2]

Colonel Tobin sent Laane and a team of scouts to the surface of the moon to find Surik. Despite an attempt by the freighter that carried Laane's scout team to stealthily land on the moon to avoid detection, their craft was picked up by radar of a Mandalorian clan hiding in the jungles of the moon. After the separatist scouts landed and spread out, Laane was caught by a group of cannoks—small, indigenous predators that populated the jungle in great numbers. Surrounded by the animals, Laane was killed while one of his teammates bore witness. Soon a Mandalorian scout named Kelborn, who was sent there to investigate the intruders, found Laane's body among the flora of the jungle.[2]

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A moment later, Meetra Surik and her companions encountered Kelborn and the body of Laane and, after hearing the Mandalorian's task, volunteered to aid Kelborn in locating and hunting down the rest of separatist scouts.[2]

Personality and traits[]

Kelborn, upon finding Laane dead

"The only thing the scouts had on them were weapons. No identity cards, no personal effects, and no evidence to figure out who they were if they died or were captured out here."
―Kelborn about the Onderonian scouts[2]

Laane had trimmed black hair and fair skin. During the mission on Dxun to find Meetra Surik, Laane did not carry any identification card, though he did carry a blaster rifle. Kelborn considered him to be inexperienced, as he was caught and killed by a group of cannoks.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Laane appeared as a corpse in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, a roleplaying video game released by Obsidian Entertainment at the end of 2004.[2] A sidequest of helping Kelborn with the separatist scouts is not mandatory, but this article assumes full completion of all related quests.



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