Labor Valley was a sector on the planet Corellia that was home to dozens of interconnected industrial factories that produced everything from raw durasteel to hyperdrives to thermal detonators. This was one of the reasons why Corellian-manufactured high-tech goods such as starship and parts were considered amongst the best in the galaxy. In this area, millions of middle-class Corellians found their livelihoods by working in Labor Valley.[1]

All this changed during the reconstituted Sith Empire's invasion of Corellia in the Cold War that devastated the region. This saw both Republic and Sith forces battling for control over the key factories while destroying those that they were unable to hold for themselves. As a result, vital plants were left in ruins and massive fires raged out of control at a major fuel refinery. These events turned an industrial paradise into an apocalyptic inferno where Corellian citizens had no choice but to look in horror as they witnessed everything they had built being methodically destroyed.[1]

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