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The PK-series worker droid was used by the Trade Federation and later the Separatist Alliance.

Labor droids,[1] also referred to as worker droids,[2] were a type of droid designed to perform manual tasks,[1] such as unloading cargo from transports[3][4] or collecting scrap metal into piles.[5]

A model of labor droid known as the PK-series worker droid[6] was used by the Trade Federation aboard[7] the Saak'ak,[6] a modified[8] Lucrehulk-class LH-3210 cargo freighter,[6] during the Invasion of Naboo, and the Federation used labor droids to collect the still-usable remains of B1 battle droids destroyed during the Battle of Naboo.[7]

The ASP-series labor droid was a series of labor droid used on worlds across the galaxy,[1] including Coruscant,[9] Florrum,[5] and Tatooine.[10] An ASP droid designated K0-5D was heavily modified for gladiatorial combat and fought in the sparring pits aboard the Weequay pirate ship Marauder, where he usually emerged triumphant due to his steel-shredding servos and integrated flamethrower, earning him the nickname "Maximo."[11]

A RIC-series general labor droid,[12] a crude model of labor droid[13] also known as a rickshaw droid,[14] designated RIC-920[6] pulled a rickshaw in Mos Espa, a port city located on the desert world of Tatooine,[15] and another RIC was in use on the planet Jakku.[13] Labor droids equipped with repulsorlifts were utilized in a refinery complex located in an asteroid field known as Pressy's Tumble.[16]

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Labor droids first appeared in Star Wars: From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker, a 1976 Star Wars Legends novelization of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope ghostwritten by Alan Dean Foster but credited to George Lucas.[17] They became canon when several ASP-series labor droids were digitally inserted into the 1997 Special Edition version of A New Hope.[10]


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