"It's because of the Lactils. They've got so many of those smelly milk-producing creatures on this planet, the situation is now totally out of control."
―Han Solo[2]

The lactil was a smelly, hoofed, herd-dwelling mammal found on the Jospro sector planet Chad that was raised for its milk. The docile creature's milk was used to create cheese and caf creamer that was exported from the planet and for which Chad was well-regarded around the galaxy. Lactils were able to produce large amounts of milk even though Chad had little room for them to graze.[1]

However, while lactils greatly benefited Chad's economy, they also exhaled large quantities of methane gas, which led to the regular formation of massive storm systems on the planet. The origin of one such storm was explained by the Rebel Han Solo[2] in 5 ABY[3] while approaching Chad in his starship Millenium Falcon with fellow Rebel Leia Organa.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The lactil was first mentioned in Queen of the Empire, a 1993 novel by Paul and Hollace Davids as part of the Jedi Prince series.[2]

Queen of the Empire capitalizes the word "lactil,"[2] while Fantasy Flight Games's 2015 sourcebook Stay on Target does not.[1] As the latter source is more recent, this article follows its capitalization.



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