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The Lady of Mindor was a Lady-class Luxury Liner owned by Authority Tours that traveled between Roonadan and Ammuud.


It was 310 meters in length, and could carry 600 passengers and a thousand tons of cargo. It had a crew of 121, including the four personnel allocated to staffing its four twin blaster cannons used for self defense. The Lady of Mindor was equipped with sufficient consumables for 300 days in space, and possessed a Class Two hyperdrive. It was valued at 19 million credits.

Just off the main salon was the wagering compartment which had many gambling tables and various games of chance. In the lounge there were arcade games like Starfight, Point 5, Bounce, Liar's Cut, and Vector, among others.


Han Solo and Fiolla traveled on the Lady of Mindor when trying to escape from a bunch of slavers. However, the ship was attacked by pirates who turned out to be the slavers who were looking for them. Han and Fiolla escaped in a lifeboat and landed on Ammuud.



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