The Lafrarians were sentient avian humanoids indigenous to the planet Lafra.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Having descended from avians, the Lafrarian still possessed many holdovers from this stock. They had a very thin build. Their entire nose, cheek, and mouth area was composed of thick cartilage, and they had very sharp features, with a pointed nose and long pointed ears. They also still possessed vestigial soaring membranes underneath their arms, though they had long ago lost the ability to fly. Their skin was usually gray, though some had very dark or very light skin as well. They still possessed some feathers on the tops of their heads.

They made excellent pilots, having superior flying instincts and a fine grasp of spatial relationships.

Society and cultureEdit


The Lafrarians had long ago lost the ability to fly, but once they rediscovered the joy through motorized flight, they found they had an amazing aptitude for it, and became obsessed with flight. Most Lafrarians owned speeders, or more primitive aircraft, with very little land or water transportation being used on the planet.

The world of Lafra was made up of a variety of terrains, but the Lafrarians tended to build their homes and settlements in areas that were inaccessible to non-flying creatures, such as the tops of trees or high on the sides of mountains.

Lafrarians were fond of elaborate adornments, such as dying their skin different colors, piercing their ears, noses, mouths, and cheeks, and wearing rings on their fingers. Some Lafrarians used "thickening agents" to make their feathers appear more like humanoid hair. Many Lafrans sought employment within the territory of the Corporate Sector.


The Lafrarian Maur "Hyperspace" Howins was a smashball legend, having scored 50 goals in 50 games in 61 BBY. Around 23 BBY, the Elomin smashball player Zegret Wan attempted to beat this record. One Lafran was present on Atzerri when Luke Skywalker visited the planet in 16 ABY.



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