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Lagon was a Trandoshan hunter and part of a group of Trandoshans that hunted down innocent beings for sport on Wasskah, a moon of Trandosha. He accompanied the group's leader, Garnac, on his hover platform. He hunted Ahsoka Tano, whom Garnac wanted revenge on. He chased after Tano for a while, but eventually lost her scent and abandoned his hunt, heading back to the Trandoshans' Ubrikkian floating fortress along with his leader. He was later killed in the attack on the Trandoshan fortress where Chewbacca threw him over the rail of the Trandoshan floating fortress where upon he plummeted to his death after he failled to realise that Wookiees were attacking them.

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Lagos was voiced by James Arnold Taylor in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

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