Lahn was a planet located in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories. It was covered in beaches, forests, and oceans.


After the execution of Order 66 and the end of the Clone Wars, the Seperatist general Kleeve hid on Lahn, under the alias of "Jondo". Some time after, Janus Kasmir arranged a deal with "Jondo", providing him spice in exchange for the freighter Farbrooke's Hope. Kasmir, along with Caleb Dume, travelled to Lahn, where Kasmir sent Dume to meet with "Jondo" while he went to obtain the spice. However, Commander Grey and Captain Styles followed the two of them to Lahn, catching Kasmir and interrogating him. Dume, who had discovered the true identity of "Jondo", saw the clones capture Kasmir, and returned to Kleeve to ask for the ship. Eventually, Dume convinced Kleeve to reluctantly take him to the Farbrooke's Hope, which Dume named the Escape. Unfortunately for Dume, Captain Styles had tracked them down,[1] and took Dume prisoner, releasing Kasmir and Kleeve. He returned to their Gozanti-class cruiser, leaving Lahn.[3]

At some point, the Galactic Empire built an outpost on Illmek Island.[2]

Around fifteen years later, Caleb Dume, now under the name Kanan Jarrus, travelled in the Escape to Lahn with Ezra Bridger. Their aim was to rescue Jarrus' old friend Morfizo, who had been imprisoned in the Illmek Island facility. While Ezra distracted two stormtroopers, allowing Jarrus to enter the facility. He killed the remaining stormtroopers and was about to rescue Morfizo when he was confronted by Vice Admiral Rae Sloane. Jarrus knocked her down, escaping with Morfizo. They returned to the Escape, where they met Ezra, who had evaded the stormtroopers with the help of a stranger, who, unknown to Ezra, was Kasmir. Jarrus and Ezra then boarded the Escape with Morfizo and departed Lahn.[2]

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