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This article is about the planet. You may be looking for the comic story Star Wars 73: Lahsbane.

Lahsbane was the homeworld of the Lahsbees, who matured into the Huhks. It had river canyons and forest knolls, which were crossed by the use of hot air balloons and gliders. A fine pollen existed on Lahsbane that had a tendency to clog the intake valves on starships, causing frustration to many spacefarers that landed on the planet.[2]


The surface of Lahsbane

At one point, the Hiromi failed to provoke a war between the people of Lahsbane and the Ewoks. Lahsbane was one of the first worlds to join the New Republic.

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The most recent maps place Lahsbane near Bothan sector, but Alien Anthology indicated the planet was near Endor.



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