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"My men will not be called cowards, my Lord! They fought the traitorous King Lahzar to get here, they stormed the Sith blockade in orbit—"
―Valenthyne Farfalla to Hoth[1]

Lahzar was a Jedi king who lived during the New Sith Wars between the Jedi Order's Army of Light and the Sith Brotherhood of Darkness.[2] The king was a treacherous tyrant and,[3] around 1000 BBY,[4] he betrayed the Jedi and revealed his true nature by attacking the forces of Jedi Master Valenthyne Farfalla,[3] but his navy was defeated by Farfalla in the Tholatin system.[2] Lahzar's actions delayed the arrival of the Jedi Master's reinforcements[3] to the planet[2] Ruusan, which allowed the Sith to begin attacking a Jedi supply caravan.[5] When Farfalla eventually arrived, the Jedi Lord Hoth chastised Farfalla for his delayed appearance, to which the Jedi Master responded indignantly that his men had fought Lahzar to reach Ruusan.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Lahzar was first mentioned in the fourth issue of the comic series Star Wars: Jedi vs. Sith, which was written by Darko Macan and published by Dark Horse Comics[1] on July 18, 2001.[6] Lahzar was not mentioned in the 2006 novel Darth Bane: Path of Destruction, which adapts the events of Jedi vs. Sith with some differences, particularly the timing of Farfalla's arrival on Ruusan, therefore affecting the chronology of his battle with King Lahzar.[5] The comics portrayed Farfalla's arrival in the midst of a Sith attack that occurred after the Sith attempted to create a thought bomb.[1] In the novel, the scene where Farfalla and Hoth confront each other is portrayed as Farfalla's return to Ruusan after months of absence, during which he was gathering Jedi reinforcements. The battle in the novel is instead portrayed as an attack on a supply caravan under Hoth's command, with the attack following the attempt to create the thought bomb occurring later.[5] This article follows the novel's portrayal of events.



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