Lai Nootka was a male Duros arms dealer and trader.

Nootka was known to use aliases for himself and his freighter, Star's Delight, created by mixing the names of characters from famous Durosian children's novels.

Shortly after the Battle of Endor, Nootka was captured on Garqi by Prefect Mosh Barris for attempting to sell X-wing spare parts and proton torpedoes to the New Republic. After being rescued by Corran Horn and Dynba Tesc, Nootka shifted his base of operations to Coruscant.

In 7 ABY, Nootka met with Rogue Squadron member Tycho Celchu at The Headquarters, a cantina on Coruscant, to discuss the sale of parts for Z-95 Headhunters. Horn, who witnessed the exchange, mistook the tall, cloaked Duros for Kirtan Loor.

Nootka was later killed by Imperial agents so that he would be unable to testify at the trial of Celchu for supposedly killing Horn.[1]



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