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"I locked the door in here. I thought I was gonna be laigrek compost."

Laigreks were a non-sentient species of predatory insect native to the grassy Outer Rim world of Dantooine, where they infested the dark and damp subterranean areas of the planet. Possessing six legs, they bore black exoskeletons with red and white undersides. Their heads also sported a pair of horn-like protrusions, with bulbous red compound eyes. Laigreks were not seen around Dantooine's Jedi Enclave prior to 3956 BBY, and only glimpsed five years after the Enclave had been bombarded by forces of the Sith Empire under Darth Malak during the height of the Jedi Civil War. They were known to live underground within the hilly regions that surrounded the former Jedi academy. However, in the aftermath of the bombardment, they began to infest the ruined academy's sublevel. During the time at which the Khoonda outpost attempted to assert control of Dantooine, laigreks terrorized the salvagers trying to raid the Enclave for artifacts, often killing would-be treasure hunters. They occasionally ventured out of the Enclave's sublevel, though they left the surrounding territories to other creatures.

Biology and appearance[edit | edit source]

"The crystal was redder than a laigrek's eye."
―The Jedi Exile describes a lightsaber crystal[src]

A species of insect native to the remote Outer Rim Territories world of Dantooine, the laigrek possessed a layered and armored exoskeleton and six scythe-shaped legs. With their flexible bodies, the creatures were capable of crawling on all six limbs, or rearing up to stand on four hind legs while attacking with their two forelimbs. This doubled their height, making them approximately half that of most Humans.[2] The back of their layered armor was composed of a shiny black substance, with red and white covering their bellies. A pair of small black horns jutted from the top of the laigrek's back end, and thorn-like mounds protected the sides of its body. Its legs had two joints, with the inner surfaces of its knife-like lower limbs bearing jagged edges. The creature's head sported two large black knobs, studded with blood-red compound eyes.[1] Laigreks also possessed two thorn-like antennae extending from the crown of their heads, and possessed a mouth with tricuspid mouthparts.[3]

There was at least one subspecies of laigrek, which was both larger and more aggressive. This variant, known as a "deadly laigrek," had the ability to breathe fire over short distances, as well as to endure high temperatures. This combination served to make them more dangerous.[1]

Behavior and intelligence[edit | edit source]

Laigreks in the Jedi Enclave

"Damn laigreks came out of nowhere, I had to make a run for it before they made a meal out of me."

Laigreks were fast and deadly predators, and quite capable of hunting down and killing a Human or other, larger prey, making them fierce opponents to all but the most well-equipped of travelers. Normally, these non-sentient creatures would keep to themselves. However, they were constantly attentive for intruders. When they spotted trespassers within their territory, laigreks responded quickly and struck swiftly. Their preferred method of attack was to utilize their forelegs as large claws, slashing at their victims repeatedly, as well as biting with their sharp mouths. They were typically found in small groups, and scarcely encountered in solitary. When they ran or walked, laigreks moved hunched low and parallel to the surface, allowing them to move faster by letting their two forelegs touch the ground. They often gave off a chirping shriek.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

"They like tunnels and we never saw much of them except underground in the hilly regions. I guess to a laigrek, these sublevels must be like paradise, though."
―Jorran describes laigreks to the Jedi Exile[src]

During the height of the Jedi Civil War in 3956 BBY,[4] the Jedi Enclave was bombarded by forces of the Sith Empire under Darth Malak in an attempt to wipe out the Jedi gathered there.[5] In the aftermath of the attack, the Sith temporarily occupied Dantooine, driving off or executing many prominent settler families. By the time the Jedi Exile arrived on the remote world five years later,[4] the Enclave's remains had become infested by the insects, specifically within the sublevel, having come from their natural habitats within the planet's hilly regions. This proved to be a serious threat to those attempting to salvage Jedi artifacts from within the ruins, the trade that the Khoonda government had come to depend on as a source of income.[1]

As salvagers saw a golden opportunity to raid the ruins of the Jedi Enclave, more and more of them flooded into the areas around Khoonda, intent on plundering the ruined academy of valuables, which were plentiful at first. However, due to the presence of so many laigreks, venturing into the sublevel was extremely hazardous. In order to limit the danger from laigrek attacks, as well as to tax and regulate the trade in artifacts that the Khoonda depended on, special permission was needed to access the sublevel. At some point, a farmer named Suulru attempted to take a shortcut back to his home, which took him near the Enclave ruins. He was set upon by a number of laigreks and was forced to abandon his equipment in order to try and escape.[1]

When a group of salvagers, led by Taepalae and including Jorran, attempted to access areas that had not yet been plundered, they came across a swarm of laigreks. Though most of them eluded, Jorran was left behind in the sublevel, where he had managed to seal himself within a room hoping to keep the laigreks at bay. He was later found by the Exile during her hunt for the Jedi Master Vrook Lamar. During her search, the Exile and her companions eliminated all of the laigreks within the sublevel. She then informed the salvager the way was clear, prompting him to quickly leave the area.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Laigreks first appeared in the computer and video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, developed by Obsidian Entertainment. If the player takes the dark path throughout the game, then the Exile has the possibility of lying to Jorran, convincing him that the way was clear despite the fact that laigreks still infested the area. This results in the salvager's death as he is swarmed by the insects.[3]

According to content discovered by The Sith Lords Restoration Project, a team of enthusiasts attempting to modify the game to restore content cut from the final version, it was to have been the Jedi Padawan Kaevee, accidentally abandoned during the Jedi Order's evacuation from Dantooine, who was the reason behind the insects infesting the sublevel. She was to have done this in order to aid herself in keeping the treasures and secrets buried within the ruined Enclave secure. The character of Kaevee was to have been only in training when the attack on Dantooine began, and not knowledgeable enough to discern between the dark and light sides of the Force. When the Sith assaulted the Jedi Enclave, seeking—and asking questions only about—Revan, Kaevee was to have taken refuge within the Enclave sublevel, where she would set about guarding the place, summoning the laigreks to aid her. She became attached to the creatures, referring to them as her "pets." The Exile was to have had a number of choices with regards to the Padawan, including turning her to the dark side, but they were cut out along with Kaevee herself.[6]

The ambiguous parts of this article were originally to be in the game, but were cut due to time constraints, leaving several loose ends, including the origin of the laigreks.[7] However, optional dialogue choices between the Exile and Atton Rand after the escape from the Peragus Mining Facility indicate that the creatures were not unheard of.[8]

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