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"'This is Gold Tower to transport Echo Delta One,' Ryland said into his comm. 'You have cleared atmosphere and are a go for hyperspace. May the Force be with you.' He didn't believe in the Force, but today, he would make an exception."
―Excerpt from "Laina"[2]

"Laina" is a short story in the anthology From a Certain Point of View. The story was written by Wil Wheaton.

Plot summary[]

Ryland is a Rebel trooper stationed at the Great Temple on Yavin 4, which serves as the headquarters of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Since the rebel base on Yavin 4 is a legitimate military target, Ryland has sent his daughter Laina away to stay with her aunts Eron and Rhee. Ryland then resumes his duty as a lookout and climbs on top of Gold Tower where he clears transport Echo Delta One, which is carrying his daughter Laina, for travel. Ryland weeps as he watches the transport depart with his daughter.

Eighteen hours earlier, Ryland films a video message with a camera for Laina, who is sleeping in her crib. Ryland is 38 standard years old while his daughter Laina is two years old. He tells Laina that they came six months ago right after her mother Fiona died. He explains that they were both mechanics in an underground mining colony on a moon in the Outer Rim Territories. Ryland recalls that Fiona was clever, kind, and a skilled mechanic. Ryland tells Laina that she has her mother's beautiful eyes and his ears. He adds that Fiona loved math and music and sang "Mama Moon" to Laina every day.

Ryland then recounts that the Empire took over the company that they took for on the spurious claim that their company was not meeting safety standards. He explains that the Empire needed doonium and was willing to take whatever it wanted. Ryland then tells Laina that he and her mother Fiona were falsely accused by a collaborator named Corbin. Ryland explains that Corbin had forced him and Fiona to work extra shifts and had prevented Fiona from bring Laina to the canteen. When Fiona stood up for him, Corbin told the Imperial officer Duggan that Ryland and Fiona were rebel spies. Duggan and his loyalty officers then ordered Ryland and Fiona to falsely confess to being rebel spies in front of everyone. Duggan then brutally shot Fiona in front of Ryland.

Ryland explains that this incident prompted him to join the Rebellion. He explains that everyone who joined the Rebel Alliance lost something, someone, or someplace they loved. He explained that he had lost all three. He tells Laina that Aunt Rhee and Aunt Eron helped their family escape from the Empire and will take good care of her. He tells Laina that they love her very much and will take her to a safe place called Alderaan. Ryland stops the recording and saves the file. Ryland walks over to his daughter's bed and wakes her up for the trip. Following his watch, Ryland declines an invitation from the pilots of Blue Squadron to join them at the canteen. After reflecting on his daughter, his neighbor Mol Hastur reassures Ryland that he did the right thing and that the Force is with his daughter.


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