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"I was thinking of staying out in the Lake Country. There's some places out there that are very isolated."
Padmé Amidala[src]

The Lake Country was a remote area of the planet Naboo located approximately two hours by Gian speeder from Theed, that was dominated by beautiful lakes, surrounded by mountains and valleys.


Wide meadows of grass and wildflowers sat among the waterfalls and lakes, and much of the planet's native shaak population made their homes there. Sparsely populated, the only families that lived amid its fields were ranchers and agriculturalists. Larger estates like Varykino retreat—once owned by Omar Berenko and later by the Naberrie family— and Convergence, the sprawling estate of House of Palpatine were situated along lakes and waterways in the region. It was also the site of Amidala's private beach.



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