Lal Grallik also known as Boss Lal was a female Besalisk manager of Moonglow Polychemical on Gorse and Cynda. She was married to Gord Grallik. She was pushed by Count Vidian into a vat of xenoboric acid and was killed after she informed the count of her incapability to reach the Imperial thorilide quota.



Lal Grallik was the Chief Operations Officer of Moonglow Polychemical, a refinery firm on the planet Gorse's Shaketown that had once been part of a larger company called Introsphere. Lal was married to Gord Grallik, a male Besalisk who served as the head of Moonglow's ground security. Lal had worked at the Moonglow refinery for more than twenty years and took pride in her facility's operations. Due to the end of thorilide mining on Gorse, the Galactic Empire had shifted thorilide mining to the moon Cynda, which hitherto had been a tourist destination.[2]

In 11 BBY,[1] Boss Lal visited a mining site on Cynda where she was accosted by a dissident Gorsian miner named Skelly, a veteran of the Clone Wars. Skelly tried to convince Lal to suspend blasting past Zone Forty-Two so that he could test his research on the effects of thorilide mining. However, Lal ignored his concerns and attended to the freighter pilot Kanan Jarrus, who had delivered a shipment of Baradium-357 explosives for the blasting work. Unknown to Lal, Kanan was a Jedi Purge survivor. While Lal took a call from an Imperial channel, Skelly tried to reason with Kanan but to no avail.[2]

Later, Lal contacted the Imperial Count Denetrius Vidian when a recovery team captured the dissident miner Skelly on Cynda. Skelly had been opposed to thorilide mining on the fragile moon which had once been a pristine sanctuary. Skelly had set off some explosives and assaulted Imperial stormtroopers before being captured by a recovery team that included Kanan, who was angry that Skelly's explosion had endangered lives. During the hologram conversation, a visibly nervous Lal informed Vidian about the history of her firm; not knowing that he was responsible for a critical report that ended all surface thorilide mining on Gorse.[2]

When Vidian announced that he would begin his inspection at Moonglow, she begged him to give her more time to prepare. Vidian gave her twelve hours to prepare but warned that her efforts to capture the "saboteur" would not give her company any leniency. Her husband Gord and a gagged Skelly were present during the conversation. After Lal told her husband to remove Skelly's gag, the dissident miner asked her why she did not let him talk to Vidian. Lal replied that she was afraid of Vidian. Lal and Gord then departed the room to prepare the firm for inspection while ignoring Skelly's threats to expose their use of Baradium-357 in the mining of Cynda.[2]

Before Lal and Gord could begin cleaning up the firm, a criminal gang known as the Sarlaccs stole their hovertruck and exchanged fire with Gord and his guards. A rebel named Hera Syndulla then took advantage of the distraction to free Skelly. An embarrassed Moonglow was then forced to report the loss of their fugitive to Commander Nibiru Chamas and Captain Rae Sloane, who commanded the Star Destroyer Ultimatum; which had transported Vidian to the Gorse system. Within the next twelve hours, Vidian and Sloane traveled to Moonglow on the Imperial shuttle Truncheon.[2]

Final inspection and deathEdit

The Gralliks and the Mayor of Shaketown welcomed Vidian and his entourage on the street outside Moonglow's front gate. After a brief but tense exchange, Lal led Vidian and his entourage on a tour of her refinery. Despite Gord's best security precautions, the rebel Hera and her friend Kanan managed to infiltrate the facility in a hover bus carrying the next shift of workers heading to Cynda. Hera had come to tail Vidian in order to find out about the true purpose behind his visit to Gorse. In addition, the fugitive Skelly managed to infiltrate the facility with the help of Drakka, the Besalisk diner owner whose business had been disrupted by the arrival of the Imperial shuttle. Skelly had come to reason with Vidian to cease all thorilide mining on Cynda.[2]

While showing Count Vidian her company's latest heavy-duty bulk-loader vehicle, Lal received a report from her husband via coming of an intruder sneaking around the plant's personnel department. While Lal led Sloane inside the vehicle, Vidian remained outside. At that point, Skelly appeared and tried to convince Vidian to cease mining on Cynda and even presented a holodisk for the Count to peruse. However, Vidian assaulted Skelly and tried to kill him. Skelly managed to flee through the factory's conveyer belt system before Lal and Sloane could apprehend him.[2]

After apologizing for Skelly's interruption, Lal continued her tour of the refinery. She showed the Count her vats of xenoboric acid, which were used to dissolve the thorilide crystals for processing. Vidian criticized her use of droids for the refinery work on the grounds that organics would keep their balance better. Lal pointed out that it was too dangerous for sentient beings to fall into the acid. Vidian then coldly countered that organics would dissolve faster than droids, which would efficiently clear the vat of impurities faster then having to fish out droid parts and thus quickly return the vat to production. At that point, Vidian was contacted by his rival Baron Lero Danthe, who informed him that the Emperor Palpatine had tripled Gorse's thorilide quota. When Lal informed him that Moonglow (nor any other company on the planet) could not possibly meet the new quota, he threw her into one of the xenoboric acid vats. As she was screaming, Vidian found a skimmer pole nearby and used it to push her under the surface.[2]

Lal was killed by the powerful acid within minutes. Her murder was witnessed by Hera, who subsequently informed her husband Gord and prevented him from jumping into the vat in a futile rescue attempt. While Gord initially refused to believe the intruder's account, he changed his mind after witnessing the security monitors. An enraged Gord then confronted Vidian and attempted to arrest him but was beaten up the Count's stormtroopers. After Skelly destroyed Vidian's shuttle, the Count and his remaining entourage including Sloane traveled to the local Imperial spaceport where another shuttle was waiting. Gord followed him there and attacked Vidian. However, the cybernetic Count beat him to death. Following Lal's death, the Empire covered up her death by claiming that an earthquake had caused her to tip into the acid vat. Vidian later used a test explosion on Cynda as a pretext for nationalizing Moonglow's assets.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

As a businesswoman, Lal Grallik took pride in her job as the Chief Operations Officer of Moonglow Polychemical, a small refinery company based in Gorse City. She took pride in her company's machinery and facilities including its xenorobic acid tanks. Lal was unconcerned about the environmental damage that thorilide mining operations inflicted on Gorse's moon Cynda. However, Lal made safety improvements at her Shaketown refinery which became the model for all the other factories on Gorse. Lal's concern for safety was continued by the Empire after her death.[2]

Lal loved her husband Gord, who helped her managed Moonglow Polychemical. The couple hired several cousins to help run and look after their refinery. Lal was also terrified of the Imperial management expert Count Vidian and was particularly irked by his comment about organics dissolving faster in xenorobic acid than droids. Despite her management and personal skills, she was unable to satisfy the homicidal Vidian, who callously murdered her after she was unable to fulfill the Empire's new thorilide quota.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Lal Grallik first appeared as a supporting character in John Jackson Miller's 2014 novel A New Dawn, the first Canon novel to be produced in consultation with the Lucasfilm Story Group. Most of her lines are told through the point-of-view of several characters including Skelly, Denetrius Vidian, and Hera Syndulla.


Notes and referencesEdit

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