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"The Empire is not like the Republic. We have empowered them to our own detriment. I fear they will destroy us rather than allow this operation to continue. We must leave to ensure our survival."
―Lama Su, to Nala Se[7]

Lama Su was a male Kaminoan politician who served as Prime Minister of his homeworld, Kamino, during the final decades of the Galactic Republic until his removal from office during the early Imperial Era. While in office, Lama Su oversaw the production of the clone troopers that comprised the Grand Army of the Republic used in the Clone Wars, a pan-galactic conflict between the Republic and its splinter state, the Confederacy of Independent Systems, unknowingly in league with the Sith Lords who conspired to use the war in their plan to destroy the Jedi Order. The war, however, brought upon numerous failures and setbacks for the Kaminoans, including the death of Jango Fett, whose genetic material was used to create the clones, an attack on Kamino, and the near-exposure of the truth about the clones' inhibitor chips.

The Prime Minister's unknowing association with the Sith and involvement in the Republic's downfall would ultimately become his undoing, as the nascent Galactic Empire that rose in its place saw little use for Kamino's cloned soldiers, instead placing more value and faith in the recruitment of non-clone soldiers loyal to the new regime. Seeing how the situation was slipping away from the Kaminoans, Lama Su worked to maintain Kamino's importance to the New Order but also made plans to smuggle Kamino's most skilled and valued medical and scientific personnel to safety off-planet in case the Empire decided they were superfluous. His plans were uncovered by Imperial Navy Admiral Edmon Rampart, however, who had the Prime Minister detained for treason. Still, the Empire would require Lama Su's assistance once more in learning how to control his former chief Medical Scientist, Nala Se.


The age of cloning

A request for an army

"Master Sifo-Dyas was killed almost ten years ago."
"Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. But I'm sure he would have been proud of the army we've built for him."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi and Lama Su[3]

Lama Su hailed from the[1] the aquatic planet Kamino, the homeworld of the Kaminoan species, located in the Abrion sector of the Outer Rim Territories.[8] Prior to the Clone Wars, the Kaminoan government led by Prime Minister Lama Su was commissioned by Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas to create a clone army for the Galactic Republic.[3] Sifo-Dyas was killed soon afterwards by members of the Pyke Syndicate, and Lama Su found himself in league with the Sith Lord Darth Tyranus.[9] From Tyranus, who was posing as a Jedi, he received a genetic template for the clones: a bounty hunter named Jango Fett. He was also given an inhibitor chip from Tyranus that was to be implanted within each clone trooper as a safeguard against betrayal from rogue Jedi.[10] However, the inhibitor chips were designed by the Sith, who programmed the clones[11] to exterminate the Jedi under Order 66.[12] Lama Su was unknowingly being deceived by the Sith.

A visit from a Jedi

"The army?"
"Yes, a clone army. And, I must say, one of the finest we've ever created."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi and Lama Su[3]

Prime Minister Lama Su introduced Obi-Wan Kenobi to the clone army that the Kaminoans bred for the Galactic Republic.

A decade after Sifo-Dyas' death, Lama Su was visited by the Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi, who had come to Kamino in pursuit of Jango Fett and had found his way in by identifying a Kaminoan poison dart. Taun We introduced him to Lama Su and they began chatting. The Prime Minister assumed Kenobi's purpose was to inspect the clone army, and he assured the Jedi it would be completed on schedule. He told Kenobi about Sifo-Dyas and learned of his death from Kenobi. Eager to impress his guest, Lama Su proceeded to show Obi-Wan the Kaminoan combat training and educational facilities of Tipoca City. He then told him about Jango Fett and said that the only thing he asked in return was for a son with no rapid aging.[3]

A galactic war

The loss of Fett

"Ever since the unfortunate death of Jango Fett, we have had to stretch his DNA to produce more clones."
―Lama Su, to Shaak Ti[13]

After Jango Fett's death, Lama Su advised Jedi Master Shaak Ti to seek a new template for the clone army.

At the start of the Clone Wars, Halle Burtoni bartered her planet's role as the source of the Republic soldiers into a seat in the Galactic Senate and joined the Republic[14] However the death of Jango Fett at the hands of Mace Windu[3] left Lama Su with a limited supply of genetic material to use in the production of new clones. As such, the Kaminoan prime minister was forced to find new ways of resupplying the Grand Army of the Republic, including stretching Fett's genetic template.[13]

Lama Su was greatly disappointed in the troopers his alternative cloning methods produced. When Jedi Master Shaak Ti approached him to discuss with him the failure of Domino Squad in their final test, he suggested its members be terminated. He also talked about how they cloned troopers after Fett's death. Ti refused, saying that they were living beings, not objects. Lama Su expressed his opinion that the Jedi show too much compassion, but said that it was not his decision to make, as the Republic ordered them. Hoping to create more successful soldiers in the future, Lama Su requested a new genetic template be found for them.[13]

An attack on Kamino

"I wish our arrival wasn't under such circumstances. We believe Grievous is planning a Separatist attack on Kamino."
"But the Republic blockade is far too strong. They would not dare."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi and Lama Su[15]

Lama Su was in the command center of Tipoca City during the Battle of Kamino.

Lama Su later went with Shaak Ti to welcome Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and the 501st Legion to Tipoca City. The Prime Minister was surprised to learn that the Confederacy of Independent Systems intended to attack Kamino, despite the Republic Military blockade that surrounded his homeworld. In preparation for the coming battle, Lama Su positioned himself within Tipoca City's central command center.[15]

The conspiracy of Protocol 66

"We must contact Lord Tyranus."
―Lama Su, to Nala Se[10]
Kamino security

Lama Su and Shaak Ti deployed the Tipoca City garrison to capture the renegade ARC trooper CT-5555.

Near the end of the Clone Wars, Su was approached by Nala Se, who informed him that Protocol 66 had activated prematurely in the clone trooper CT-5385. Su contacted Darth Tyranus to share this news with him and was ordered to terminate the defective clone so an autopsy could be performed on his body. He was also instructed to remove the clone's bio-chip and send it to Tyranus before the Jedi Order could discover the true nature of the chip.[10]

Rise of the Empire

A change of priorities

"Admiral Tarkin, this news is most surprising. Chancellor Palpatine has always supported our cloning advancements in the past."
"Emperor Palpatine's priorities have changed. With the war at an end, the need for future clones is being questioned."
―Lama Su and Wilhuff Tarkin[6]

After the Clone Wars, Lama Su sought to convince the Galactic Empire of the value of his clone trooper program.

In 19 BBY,[8] following a duel against Mace Windu in his office, Chancellor Sheev Palpatine—the public guise of the Sith Lord Darth Sidious—seduced Skywalker to the dark side of the Force and issued Order 66, leading to most of the Jedi being betrayed or murdered by their clone troopers. Su's clone army was ultimately a pivotal factor not only in the Sith plot for revenge against the Jedi Order, but also in Palpatine's rise to power as Emperor of the first Galactic Empire.[16]

Soon after, Su, accompanied by Taun We, hosted an inspection visit by Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin in Tipoca City. Tarkin's objective during the visit was to determine the Empire's need for clone troopers following the proclamation of the New Order by Emperor Palpatine at the end of the Clone Wars. When Su protested, arguing the Empire would need more clone troopers to maintain order across the galaxy, Tarkin countered that "conscription soldiers" could fulfill that service at half the cost of clones. Su insisted that no recruit could be as skilled or efficient at combat as clones,[6] who were trained from birth to be effective, obedient soldiers.[17] Unconvinced, Tarkin informed the Prime Minister that he would personally evaluate the clones' skillset to see if they were worth the added expenses.[6]

Throughout the visit, Su worked on convincing Tarkin of the merits of his trained clones versus conscripted soldiers, utilizing Clone Force 99 to demonstrate clone superiority. Tarkin instructed Su to use live fire on the clone squad for a training exercise and though he eventually complied, he expressed reservations over using live for out of concern for the clones' safety as well as the facilities. Ultimately, the squad 99 managed to survive the exercise through improvisation.[6]

Defection of Clone Force 99

"Has the matter been rectified?"
"The inhibitor chip augmentation was a success. However, the remaining clones of squad ninety-nine have escaped, along with Omega."
"We must be cautious. Until the Empire's intentions are made clear, say nothing."
―Lama Su and Nala Se[6]

Su's Chief Medical Scientist secretly aided Clone Force 99 defection.

Later, Su, accompanied by Se and her assistant Omega, spoke with Tarkin in one of the clone incubation chambers to discuss the Kaminoans' enhanced clones. Though the Prime Minister suggested that Clone Force 99 could be a potential asset to the Empire, Tarkin was more concerned with their tendency to disobey orders. Se explained that it was a side effect of their genetic mutation as Su asserted it had not impeded the success of their missions, leading Tarkin to question if they completed Order 66. Su assumed from their report that both Depa Billaba and Caleb Dume were reported dead on Kaller but Tarkin revealed that a counter-report from one of their own stated that the Padawan escaped.[6]

Tarkin decided to test the unit's loyalty by sending them to eliminate Saw Gerrera and his people, and to dispatch a probe droid to surveil the operation and were inform they were being sent to eliminate a Separatist force. But the unit discovered they been sent after innocent civilians and did not carry out the mission. Clone Force 99 then defected from the Empire and returned to Kamino to retrieve Omega, Se assisted in their escape by remotely preventing the bay doors from closing. After Clone Force 99 successfully escaped, Se informed Su of their escape as well as the loss of Omega. Under Su's instruction, she agreed to refrain from informing the Empire of what had occurred due to his concerns over the Empire's intentions.[6]


"Conscripted recruits will never reach the same level of military proficiency. Our clones have been trained since their creation."
"Hm. Skills can be taught. The loyalty of those who willingly enlist is what I see tremendous value in."
"A tangible test is in order. We need to see them in action."
―Lama Su, Edmon Rampart, and Wilhuff Tarkin[17]

Lama Su began to fear for the future of Kamino and its enterprise as the Empire moved closer to replacing clones with conscripts.

Some time later after Clone Force 99's escape, Tarkin was still evaluating the proficiency of enlisted troops. Vice Admiral Edmon Rampart arrived on Kamino and brought in a new batch of regular troops to serve as a new elite squad. Tarkin wanted to see them in action, much to Lama Su's distaste, who argued that his clone troopers were superior due to their lifelong training as soldiers. Rampart argued that the same skills could be taught to loyal soldiers who willingly supported the Empire. Tarkin ordered Rampart to send the new squad and Crosshair to Onderon to wipe out Saw Gerrera's insurgents, which Clone Force 99 failed to accomplish. Unable to change their minds, Lama Su left the two officers alone.[17]

Later, Lama Su and Nala Se discussed how the conscription program would make the Kaminoans' operation obsolete, which was compounded by the continuing deterioration of Jango Fett's genetic samples. To ensure their survival and relationship with the Empire, Lama Su stated that they had to implement the next phase by making a superior clone. While Nala Se was concerned that the clones they required would not willingly return to Kamino, Lama Su retorted that they were Kaminoan property, and only one was needed for their experiment.[17]

Clone Force 99 reacquired

Crosshair: "Scrappers on Bracca reported a power surge on a Jedi cruiser."
Edmon Rampart: "Send a scout team."
Crosshair: "We'll need more than that. It's Clone Force 99."
Lama Su: "Admiral Rampart, the clones of experimental unit 99 are highly skilled assets. It would be most beneficial to have them returned alive."
Edmon Rampart: "I have no interest in a group of rogue clone deserters. If you find them on Bracca, terminate them."
―CT-9904 "Crosshair," Lama Su, and Rampart[18]

Admiral Rampart ordered CT-9904 to terminate Clone Force 99, rejecting Lama Su's request to take them alive.

After Crosshair reported that scrappers on Bracca had reported a sighting of the rogue group 99, Lama Su suggested that they would be brought back to not waste valuable, highly skilled assets. Rampart dismissed the Prime Minister's advice, stating that he had no interest in rogue clones. He ordered Crosshair to destroy the squad, once again to Lama Su's disapproval.[18]

Much to Lama Su's alarm, he met with Nala Se to discuss how they could no longer afford to delay their plans to reacquire the subject who was vital to the Kaminoans' contingency plan. By then, he had secretly hired multiple bounty hunters in the hope that one of them would succeed in capturing Omega.[18]

Bounty lost

"I require an update."
"Omega was rescued by the same clones I encountered on Pantora. I can track them, but that'll cost extra."
"No. As long as she's not in the hands of Lama Su, she is safe. I will transfer your payment."
"If you change your mind, you know how to reach me."
―Nala Se and Fennec Shand[19]

Instead of Nala Se, who offered to deliver Cad Bane's payment in exchange for Omega, Lama Su sent Taun We to meet with the bounty hunter.

Later, Cad Bane contacted Lama Su to inform him of Omega's capture. Bane demanded extra payment for bringing her alive, to which Lama Su warned that he should keep her that way.[19]

On Kamino, Lama Su held a meeting with Nala Se and Taun We to discuss the retrieval of Omega. Nala Se offered to bring the payment to Bane, to which Lama Su disagreed due to Nala Se's personal interest in Omega and sent Taun We instead to the rendezvous on the Kaminoans' abandoned facility on Bora Vio. Lama Su instructed Taun We to give Bane the payment and bring back their property to a sublevel on Kamino. Once they had extracted the genetic material needed from Omega, she was to be terminated. However, his plan was thwarted by Nala Se who used Fennec Shand to prevent Omega from returning to Kamino. After Omega was rescued by Clone Force 99, Shand offered to continue tracking them, but Nala Se declined, believing that Omega was safe as long as Lama Su did not have her.[19]


"A scientist I have use for—a politician, I do not. I'm afraid your services are no longer needed."
―Edmon Rampart, to Lama Su[7]

Lama Su being approached by Rampart's Elite Squad Troopers before he could carry out his plans to evacuate Kamino.

With their means to acquire Omega gone, the Kaminoans' contingency plan failed along with their hopes of continuing their relationship with the Empire, which terminated all of its contracts with Kamino. After observing the Empire's operation to remove all viable clones from the Kaminoan facility, Lama Su confided to Nala Se his fear that the Empire intended to destroy their people instead of allowing them to continue their work as cloners. He therefore planned to evacuate Kamino's key medical personnel in the hope of continuing their program elsewhere. He entrusted this task to Nala Se, but she was arrested by Rampart while carrying out the Prime Minister's instructions. Feigning ignorance of Nala Se's actions, Lama Su promised to have her punished, but Rampart instead saw value in the skills of a Kaminoan scientist, even if her clones did not impress him. While the Chief Medical Scientist was taken away by Rampart, the admiral stated he had no interest in a politician and had two of his Elite Squad Troopers[7] arrest him.[20]

Cooperating with the Empire

"It must be frustrating to have your resources but lack the expertise to achieve your goals. And if you fail to convince her, it won't be long before you are in a cell like me."
―Lama Su on Nala Se's refusal to be of service to the Empire's cloning project[21]

Following his arrest, Lama Su was imprisoned on Coruscant,[21] allowing him to survive Rampart's orbital bombardment of the Kaminoan cities and cloning facilities,[22] though official reports blamed the carnage on a "cataclysmic storm". Several months later, the Imperial Defense Recruitment Bill was introduced to the Senate. If passed, the bill would formalize the transition from clone troopers to civilian recruits in the Imperial Military.[23] Riyo Chuchi, a senator in staunch opposition to the bill, met with Halle Burtoni, who had been removed from office after learning that Kamino had not received earmarked funding prior to its destruction, and, with her help, proved to the Senate Rampart's role in Kamino's destruction. Rampart was arrested mid-session, though the Defense Recruitment Bill received support from Emperor Palpatine on the grounds that the clone troopers had blindly followed Rampart's order to destroy Kamino, thus revealing their inadequacy.[24] These revelations made Nala Se, who had been brought to the Tantiss Base on Mount Tantiss shortly before Kamino's destruction, refuse to work for the Imperial Cloning Program.[21]


Doctor Royce Hemlock reached out to now former Prime Minister Lama Su to find out how to control Nala Se.

In an effort to persuade Nala Se into cooperating with the Emperor's demands, Doctor Royce Hemlock[21] of the Advanced Science Division[25] asked his assistant, Emerie Karr, to bring former Prime Minister Su from Coruscant to so he could speak with him. Escorted by a group of clone commandos, Su was brought before Hemlock outside the base's entrance, and he asked why he had been called upon, and Hemlock explained the impediment he had with Nala Se. Su, however, retorted that it must be frustrating for Hemlock to have the resources but lack the expertise needed to achieve his desired results. He went on to say that if Hemlock failed, he would be imprisoned just like him. In exchange for his freedom, Su revealed that the only asset that could motivate Nala Se to resume her work was Omega. Intrigued, Hemlock invited the former Prime Minister inside the facility to discuss the matter further.[21]

Following their meeting, Hemlock used Su's information capture Omega, bringing her to Mount Tantiss. When they arrived, he informed Nala Se of Su's cooperation and warned her that if her experiments failed, Omega would suffer the consequences.[26]

Personality and traits

Lama Su was a Kaminoan male who stood at 2.29 meters. He was a tall, lanky alien with white skin.[1] His eyes were black and had white pupils.[3][4] A unique crest topped the prime minister's head, and his nostrils were connected to his upper lip by a thin, "U"-shaped slit. Lama Su's hands had three fingers, and his feet were small and hoof-like.[3] He wore white armor that covered his chest and shoulders. A long collar protected his neck, as well as the back of his head. Lama Su's arms, legs, and torso were covered in black fabric, and a purple belt with an orange buckle that appeared around his waist. White, metallic cuffs shielded Lama Su's wrists, and long strips of black fabric with a silver lining and red interior hid his legs from view.[3]

"Lama Su was arrogant. Too confident his clones were a necessity to the Empire."
―Halle Burtoni, on Lama Su[24]

Although Lama Su worked with Tyranus and the Jedi, he did not understand their ways, and considered them to be a "curious cult."

As the overseer of the Grand Army's creation, Lama Su was very proud of his clone troopers and regarded them as one of the finest achievements in his people's history. He also took great pride in his planet's combat training and educational facilities, both of which were instrumental in the development of the clone army.[3] Despite his relationship with the Jedi who commanded the army, Lama Su was mystified by their methods. He regarded the Jedi Order as a cult[10] and also failed to understand why they felt compassion for the clone troopers under their command.[13] Despite being an ally of the Republic, he was primarily focused on the governing of Kamino,[27] but he was also unknowingly a secret ally to the Sith, who deceived him into implanting the biochips in the Clones, which allowed Sidious to defeat and nearly destroy the Jedi, and form the Galactic Empire.[2] When the Galactic Empire was formed at the end of the Clone Wars, Lama Su wanted to do with business with the Empire and use clone troopers for the Empire, believing recruited soldiers were inferior to clone troopers.[6]

Behind the scenes

Lama Su first appeared in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones.[3] Originally intended to be a female character before being changed to a male one at the last second,[28] he was portrayed in the film through CGI and voiced by Anthony Phelan. In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, he is voiced by Bob Bergen, who voiced Luke Skywalker in several Star Wars Legends video games.


Non-canon appearances


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