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The subject of this article appeared only in Star Wars: Visions media that was not referenced in any other canon source.

Lucasfilm has stated that Visions stories and their related media are not required to "tie into the larger chronology" of Star Wars storytelling. Editor discretion is advised.

Lan was a male individual of a multi-torsoed species and drummer for the band Star Waver. Lan played the versatile cluster drums. Some time after the Clone Wars, Jabba Desilijic Tiure put out a bounty on the band's flaming rumble bass guitarist, Geezer.[1]

Each of Lan's three torsos had its own head, and each head had its own personality. He had a pair of horns extending from each forehead, varying in shape and length. His hair also varied between heads, one being brown, one white, and another dark gray. [1]


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