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The Lan system was a star system located within the Outer Rim's Hook Nebula sector, centered around the star Lan.


The Lan system was located approximately three days and five hours' travel time beyond the Outer Rim terminus of the Enarc Run. The system contained five planets, with the inner worlds—Lesser Galam, Lan Fellov, and Lan Tundi—being extraordinarily rich in ores and minerals. The only planet to develop life was the fourth planet, Lan Barell. The fifth planet, a gas giant, was named Greater Galam.[2]


Sentient life developed on the fourth planet of the system in the form of the insectoid Qieg. The system was left alone for a greater part of galactic history until around 1300 BBY, when scouts from the Galactic Republic discovered the ore-rich nature of the system. Soon afterwards Gaminne Group, Inc. moved in and bought mining rights for the inner planets from the Qieg. Human settlers were allowed to settle on Lan Barell under a charter that allowed them to build Shulell City on the fourth planet, Lan Barell.[2]

As centuries passed, the contents of this contract faded from the memories and the Human and Qieg cultures on Lan Barell began to merge to the point that, by the time of the Galactic Civil War, the two races considered that the planet was jointly owned. When Gamine Group, Inc. ceased to exist, the mining operation were taken over by local conglomerates, as they were the only income for the otherwise poor system. The Human-Qieg Guild, a consortium of corporations and companies, evolved as a new government. The ore was transported corewards, often to poor Mid Rim systems, mostly directly from the planets where it was mined. Financially however, each deal ran through the Quilan Hive in Shulell City, which had become the center of commerce for the whole system. Attempts to diversify the economy by the Guild over the centuries as well the attempt to attract new settlers ended in failure. Over the time, the human population began to dwindle.[2]

When the Galactic Empire emerged, Lan Barell became a save haven for refugees and exiles. This was because the system was relatively remote from any major trade routes and the government was rather lax concerning immigration and law enforcement. Around 15 BBY the Empire claimed the system, but it only showed up, evaluated the tax profits of the mining operations and then left again, leaving the locals alone. Aside from a small embassy in Shulell City, a representative of the local Moff visited the system twice a year.[2]


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