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Lana was a Human female who resided on the planet Taris in 3956 BBY. That year, she was tricked in the Upper City Cantina by the con artist Jergan, who promised Lana to arrange a backstage meeting with the cantina's Bith band for a fee of twenty credits. Jergan took the money and ran away, never to return again.


Lana was a Human female who lived in the Upper City of the planet Taris[1] by 3956 BBY.[2] During this time, she visited the Upper City Cantina, where she met a Human named Jergan. Asking about her opinion on the cantina's Bith band, Jergan offered Lana the chance to meet the band after the show, claiming that he had a Rodian bodyguard who could arrange a backstage meeting for a sum of twenty credits. Lana agreed and gave him the money, which Jergan ran off with, promising to set up the meeting with his contact and return. When he did not come back, Lana began to suspect a trick and went backstage in search for Jergan; however, nobody backstage knew him. Realizing that she had been conned, Lana started looking for Jergan, hoping to reclaim her money, with interest.[1]

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Lana was a red-haired woman with green eyes and fair skin. She was very angered by Jergan's actions, and she was determined to find the con artist and make him return her money.[1]

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"You fell for his story too? Well I got some bad news for you sister—he ain't coming back. I gave him 20 credits last week, and he just disappeared with it!"
―Lana, in a non-canon conversation with a female Revan[src]

Lana appeared as an NPC in the 2003 video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Her name is only mentioned in dialogue. When the player targets her, the game identifies her as "Angry Woman." Lana only appears in the game if the player character is female and has fallen for Jergan's scheme as well. Witnessing Jergan running off with Revan's money, Lana reveals that she has been tricked by him a week earlier and asks the player if she knows where Jergan went.[1] However, as Revan has been canonically established as male,[2] Lana is never encountered in the game in the canon walkthrough.[1]


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