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"Lancet standing by."
―Anonymous Lancet pilot[src]

The Lancet Aerial Artillery was an Imperial air vehicle derived from both the TIE Series and the Lambda-class shuttle family.


"Blast them out!"
―Anonymous Lancet pilot[src]

A Lancet in action.

Blending the dual cylindrical pods of the TIE/sa bomber with the flat-bodied tri-wing configuration of the Lambda-class shuttle, Lancets were armed with a powerful proton beam cannon centrally mounted on the fore of the fuselage and angled optimally for air-to-ground attacks. However, the solar array used for TIE's was incorporated into the tri-wing form. They also had 2 anti-air systems to defend themselves.

Like their spacefaring relatives, their lack of combat shields made them vulnerable to anti-aircraft laser and mass-driver cannons.

The Lancet was capable of causing tremendous damage to land-based targets. However, its weapons were found to be less effective against mobile targets.

Behind the scenes[]

The game data file MODELS.MEG refers to the Lancet as the "TIE Lancet," but this is not the craft's in-game label.



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