"Land, Sea and Air Speeders (I)" is a booklet in a series of canon reference booklets titled the Star Wars Encyclopedia. It was published on December 14, 2021.[1]

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Often powered by repulsor technology, speeders were enormously popular throughout the galaxy. Whether in the form of simple, affordable vehicles, more sophisticated models designed exclusively for millionaires, or military craft, usually equipped with the appropriate armament and armor, speeders were a ubiquitous sight in the galaxy. Even the Jedi Order and their bitter enemies, the Sith, made use of such vehicles, often customizing and adapting them to their tastes. The Empire would also make abundant use of speeders and, in particular, speeder bikes, which it used on planets with territories unsuitable for its slower and heavier vehicles, or also for urban environments, where maneuverability and speed were essential for law enforcement officers.[1]


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