Imperial land assault trooper armor

Land assault troopers, also known as Imperial Army assault troopers, were Imperial soldiers deployed with surface attack vehicles and trained to operate a variety of land war machines. Several land assault troopers were stationed aboard the first Death Star.

Description[edit | edit source]

Land assault troopers could serve two separate but complimentary roles within the Imperial Army, the first of which was as mechanized infantry. While given all the training of normal Imperial Army troopers, particular attention was made towards the advantages and limitations of mechanized combat vehicles. Their training in vehicle repair and operation allowed these troopers to fulfill the second role of crewing ground vehicles, whether as drivers, gunners or commanders.[1][2]

Land assault troopers wore impact-absorbing uniforms, partial body armor and sensor-equipped helmets, along with carrying environmental gear.[2] The lenses in their helmets varied, with a number of different tinted and vision-enhancing versions in use by the army.[1]

Imperial Army assault troopers were often carried into battle aboard All Terrain Armored Transports.[3]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The picture of the Imperial land assault trooper is based on unused concept art from The Empire Strikes Back of a vehicle pilot and first featured in the Death Star Technical Companion, along with a short description of their role. They again appeared in Imperial Entanglements, with game statistics and equipment listed for their use in the Star Wars Miniatures. However, in the Imperial Sourcebook the term Assault Trooper is used to describe Imperial Army pilots.

The land assault trooper is not to be confused with the assault trooper, a variant of the stormtrooper.

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