Lando - Double or Nothing 2 is the second issue of the canon comic book miniseries Star Wars: Lando - Double or Nothing. It was written by Rodney Barnes, illustrated by Paolo Villanelli, and published on June 27, 2018 by Marvel Comics.

Publisher's sumamry[]

Lando Calrissian isn't one to stick his neck out…unless there's credits to be had for it. So, when he finds himself fighting for oppressed workers in a droid junkyard, they'd better hope their freedom is worth something to him…

Plot summary[]

Double or Nothing PART II
LANDO CALRISSIAN, the "greatest smuggler in the galaxy" and captain of the Millennium Falcon,
seeks fortune, glory and epic exploits to fuel his personal memoir — the Calrissian Chronicles.

But Lando also has big debts to pay and has taken a job from a Petrusian freedom-fighter
named Kristiss to smuggle weapons to her people enslaved by the Empire on Kullgroon.

Lando and his droid companion, L3-37, have outmaneuvered the Imperial fighters in orbit, but
what other dangers does this mission have in store?

Arriving at Kullgroon[]

"Ellthree take us to the wastelands. We'll dock there until we figure this out."
―Lando Calrissian[3]

The group arrives at the Wastelands Of Kullgroon

While orbiting the planet of Kullgroon, Lando Calrissian was recording a chapter of his holomessage series Calrissian Chronicles. But he was interrupted with many questions from Kristiss about this chronicles. L3-37 interrupted the two arguing to report that Imperial patrol ships had locked on to them. Lando powered down the Millennium Falcon to give it the appeal that it was space junk. The Falcon was pulled by Kullgroon's gravity to the surface of the planet. Lando managed to prevent the freighter from crashing towards the surface of the planet and they made their way to the Wastelands Of Kullgroon.

Traveling through the wasteland[]

"Should have never gone in that bar with Kristiss. Why do I feel like I've said that before? Probably because I have."
―Lando Calrissian[3]

Lando questioning the mission.

The group left the Falcon at the wastelands and made their way to Kristiss's father, Rythus. Lando and Kristiss started to argue again but L3 broke them up and suggested that split up so they can find more exit points to which Lando and Kristiss agreed. Sometime later, Lando contacted L3 and asked her if they should just leave now and abandon her. L3 disagreed and told Lando that she had gotten into the Imperial network which showed that Kristiss had been captured by stormtroopers. Lando once again tried to reason with L3 for abandoning the the job but L3 was insistent. L3 told Lando that it if he went in and saved Kristiss it would make a fine edition of the Calrissian Chronicles.

Lando headed off, wondering what he had gotten himself into when he was stopped by a group of outlaws led by who started to shoot at him. Lando shot back and killed them all while bragging about the origins of his cape. But then starfighters started to attacking Lando causing him to retreat back to a cave. Luckily for him a ship was in the cave which Lando piloted past the attacking starfighters before being shot down.

The job goes bad[]

"Yes, and I can't reach Lando."
―Kristiss over comms[3]

L3 and the other droids are about to be turned to metal

At an Imperial prison, Kristiss was locked in prison, guarded by stormtroopers. But with a comlink she contacted L3 and told the droid that she couldn't reach Lando. But L3 replied in shock as she saw where she was being led to. Ahead of her was kiln where droids were being shot and then thrown into but L3 broke from the line and made a run for it while stormtroopers chased her. Back at her cell, a stormtrooper ordered Kristiss cell to be opened and for her to be taken by another stormtrooper.

Deep in the wastelands of Kullgroon, Lando Calrissian was dragged into a city plaza by two people. There was a large crowd chanting the name, "Batalla" as Lando was tied up to a wall. A figure shouted silence at the crowd and welcomed Lando to the wasteland.



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