Lando 1 is the first of five issues of the Marvel comic book miniseries Star Wars: Lando. It was written by Charles Soule, illustrated by Alex Maleev, and published on July 8, 2015.

Publisher's summary[]

You know him… you love him… now, join him for his biggest caper as master of charm Lando Calrissian gets his very own comic book! Before he joined the rebellion, before he ran Cloud City, Lando made his way in the galaxy getting by on some swindles, some swagger, and a smile.

Lobot at his side, Lando has a plan to steal a very valuable ship… but has he bitten off more than he can chew?

Writer Charles Soule (DEATH OF WOLVERINE, INHUMAN, SHE-HULK) and artist Alex Maleev (DAREDEVIL, SPIDER-WOMAN, MOON KNIGHT) bring us the tale of a scoundrel in his natural element-trouble![6]

Plot summary[]

Part I
It is a period of scarce opportunity. In a
galaxy overrun by an oppressive and evil
Galactic Empire, there is little hope for a
future free from the Emperor's iron rule.

But with the Imperials distracted by a
growing alliance of rebels, smugglers and
pirates travel the galaxy for fortunes
found only by those daring enough to
grasp them.

LANDO CALRISSIAN, a man trying to
make his way through an uncaring
universe, is willing to bet all he has for
a single score – and it begins with the deal
of a lifetime....[2]

On the Imperial colony world of Castell in the Inner Rim, Lando Calrissian meets with Moff Ssaria, the local Imperial governor, at her luxurious penthouse. Calrissian and Ssaria have a romantic relationship. When Ssaria asks Calrissian about his in interest in one of her trinkets, he admits that he was planning to steal it. Calrissian wanted to sell the trinket in order to pay off his debts. When Ssaria threatens him with her blaster, Calrissian continued on about how he couldn't steal it, knowing Ssaria would have troopers searching for him and that word of her lover's betrayal would get out. Appealing to her feelings for him, Calrissian convinces her to let him leave with the trinket by betting his life on it.

Calrissian recounts his encounter with Ssaria to a shocked Lobot, who expresses concern about the risks he takes. When Lobot suggested stealing it, Calrissian responds that he did not want to have Ssaria pursuing them. By convincing her to give the trinket, he reasons that she thinks that she helped her good buddy and will remember this whenever she wants to pretend that she is a person instead of a murdering thug. Calrissian takes the trinket to the crime lord Papa Toren, who is serviced by several Ximpi. However, Toren merely strikes ten percent of Calrissian's debt. When Calrissian protests, the elf tells him that the deal was simply to give him extra time to settle his debts. In the end, Calrissian agrees to take another job for Toren in order to wipe out the remainder of his debt.

Calrissian breaks the news to Lobot. After some discussion, the two decide to take Toren's job and enlist the help of Aleksin and Pavol, two enigmatic alien warriors who are brothers or clones. For their job, Calrissian and Lobot enlist the help of Korin Pers, a former Ugnaught sava from the University of Bar'leth who has fallen on hard times. Sava is reluctant to take on Calrissian's job since she lost her left eye during a previous mission. However, she changes her mind when Calrissian reveals that they are planning to steal a pleasure yacht belonging to some rich Imperial. Papa Toren had learned about the yacht through his network at Sienar Fleet Systems's Orbital Shipyard CC-24 above Castell. Calrissian and his team infiltrate the orbital shipyard and steal the vessel after fighting off the stormtrooper sentries.

Lando and Lobot fly away from the shipyard. Lando tells Lobot he will make the hyperdrive work once they have escaped the gravity wells. The shipyard's Commander Pasqual informs Grand Vizier Mas Amedda about the loss of the ship. While Lando and Lobot ask who owned the yacht and discuss their next plan, Grand Vizier Amedda informs Emperor Palpatine of some unfortunate news.


In celebration of Star Wars Day on May 4, 2016, Marvel re-released Lando 1 as part of its True Believers budget reprint program, which reprints popular comic titles for the suggested retail price of $1.[7]



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