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Lando 4 is the fourth of five issues[1] of the Marvel Comics Star Wars comic book miniseries Star Wars: Lando. It was written by Charles Soule, pencilled by Alex Maleev, and published on September 16, 2015.

Publisher's summary[]

Part IV
It is a time for cunning and guile. LANDO
CALRISSIAN, along with his team of longtime
cohort LOBOT, alien clone warriors Aleskin and
Pavol, and antiquity specialist Sava Korin Pers,
was tasked with stealing the ''Imperialis'', a luxury
yacht, in order to pay off a past debt.
Unfortunately for the team, the ship belongs to

A central chamber held a treasure
trove of ancient Sith artifacts - but it was
protected by two members of Palpatine's elite
Imperial Guard, who gravely injured Lobot.
Aleskin and Pavol held off the Guards, ultimately
them, while Korin and Lando rushed
Lobot to the safety of a bacta tank.

It seems that the danger could be over...but the
Emperor has assigned his personal fixer,
CHANATH CHA, to re-take his ship at any cost,
and the merciless hunter is drawing near....[2]

Plot summary[]

In deep space, Chanath Cha's Scimitar closes in on the Emperor's stolen yacht Imperialis. Chanath uses powered boots to fly towards the Imperialis and gets O-66 to transmit the access codes. When Chanath asks what the Emperor has aboard his yacht, O-66 replies that she was chosen for this mission precisely because she was skilled at dealing with the unexpected. Chanath agrees and proceeds deeper into the ship. Back in the central chamber, Lando Calrissian asks Korin Pers how much the Sith helmet is worth. Korin replies that the helmet belonged to the ancient Sith sculptor Lord Momin, whose works were believed to be lost. Korin thinks that the helmet will fetch them a lot of credits and Lando jokes about buying a moon or two.

Suddenly, Aleksin ignites a double-bladed lightsaber and slices off Pavol's lower right arm. Lando and Korin flee out of the vault and close the doors. Korin thinks that the heavy alloy doors will hold them back long enough. When Lando expresses shock that Aleksin betrayed them, Korin explains that he must have been corrupted by the Sith artifacts and points to the deformed faces of the slain Emperor's Royal Guards. Lando compliments Korin for being a fascinating lady but does not believe the Jedi lore. All that he is concerned about is that one of their guys went nuts and chopped the arm of the guy that was his closest friend. Lando wants to get back into the central chamber but Korin wants to escape.

Meanwhile, Chanath gets O-66 to give her the control codes for the ship's operations systems. She warns O-66 that she left a small pulse bomb inside his neck in order to force his cooperation. When O-66 asks why, she tells him that Palpatine wants her to deal with thieves and make sure that none of them leave the ship. Elsewhere, Lando and Chanath argue about abandoning the ship. Lando refuses to leave without evacuating his friend Lobot. Lando and Korin then receive news from the ship's intercom that the ship's escape pods have been disabled. Meanwhile, Pavol demands that Aleksin tell him what is happening. They were lovers and were planning to use the proceeds to obtain a clone as a child. Aleksin goes on a rampage and announces that no child will have a one-armed parent. Pavol fights back with a scimitar.

Despite Lando's warnings, Korin heads to the escape pod only to be confronted by Chanath. Chanath thinks that the Ugnaught Korin did not steal the ship herself. Lando enters the fray only to discover that the intruder is his old lover Chanath, who works as a bounty hunter. After embracing, Chanath tells Lando that the vessel that he stole belongs to Palpatine. She explains that the Emperor sent her to kill whoever took ship and to destroy it if she could not recover it. As Aleksin and Pavol fight under the influence of the dark side of the Force, Chanath warns that the only treasure the ship carries is death.




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