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Lando Kadar was the original name of the character that would become Lando Calrissian.

In a story conference, three types of Lando were first discussed:[1]

  • Lando is a trader on a Wookiee planet or a smuggler trader. He believes himself smarter than the Empire and even Darth is intimidated by him.[1]
  • Lando is a James Bond character, with a woman on each arm and very charming.[1]

By the first draft of Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, he was finally chosen as the clone option.

One of the initial background stories for Lando Kadar was that he was a clone and a leader of a band of them after the Clone Wars. The clones were scattered around his world and organized around clans in different countries. This would change once again with Lando Kadar being a clone made by the Ashandi family who reproduced through cloning.

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