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"Can you speak Bocce?"
"Of course I can, sir. It's like a second language to me…"
Owen Lars and C-3PO[1]


A language was a method of sentient communication, either oral or written, consisting of the use of sounds and words in a structured and conventional way.

Prevalent languages in the galaxy included Galactic Basic Standard and Bocce. Languages like Huttese, Aqualish, and Mando'a dominated in systems controlled by those societies.[2]

Some languages used more than one script. For instance, Galactic Basic used the Aurebesh, Outer Rim Basic, and High Galactic forms of written communication depending on the situation. Additionally, most societies used a base ten number system, however, there are exceptions. Jawas used a base nine system, and the Hutts counted on their fingers, of which they only have eight, and their numbers jump from seven to ten.[2]

In order to overcome language barriers between beings from different species or ethnic groups,[3] protocol droids were equipped with formidable language skills.[4] When communicating among several species, a trade language such as Sy Bisti[5] or Jawa Trade Talk could be used.[6]

To some, credits were considered a universal language.[7]

Behind the scenes[]

In the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode "Liberty on Ryloth," an all-Aurebesh Republic monitor includes the text "UND UBERHAUPT,"[8] German for "and anyway."

In the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode "The Academy," when Soniee and her fellow students break into the Government warehouse, her datapad says "ENTRARE" in Aurebesh,[9] which is Italian for "enter."[10]

In the Star Wars: Visions episode "T0-B1," the big monitor in Professor Mitaka's laboratory is filled with Aurebesh text. Most of it is written in Spanish; for example, there is "PERMANENCIA DESARROLLO DATOS,"[11] Spanish for "continuation development data"; and "ATMOSFERA MINERALES,"[11] meaning "atmosphere minerals." When T0-B1 continues the professor's work, he fills the monitors with notes. Most of them are a transcription of[11] excerpts from the lyrics of the 2018 song "Malamente" by the Spanish singer Rosalía,[12] but with some spelling errors.[11] For example, one excerpt from the original song reads "Ese cristalito roto yo sentí cómo crujía / Antes de caerse al suelo ya sabía que se rompía,"[12] but the show's version reads "Ese cris talito roto yo sen cmo crujía antes d ecaerse al suelo y asaba que se rompía."[11]


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