"The Jedi are all about recruiting kids too young to know better, so there it was, me and all these serene little kids. You've never known real rage until you've been lectured on controlling your emotions by a four-year-old in a robe."
―Guss Tuno on the perils of undertaking Jedi training in adulthood[src]

Languss "Guss" Tuno was a male Mon Calamari smuggler active during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire.

Biography[edit | edit source]

A Force-sensitive Mon Calamari born on the planet Varn, Languss Tuno was trained in the ways of the Force by the Jedi Order, training as a Padawan under the tutelage of Jedi Master Lorenn. Failing to walk the Jedi Path, Tuno parted company with the Order and made a living on Nar Shaddaa in the employ of crime lord Neemogh Hargin. Donning a heavy black robe and pretending to be a Sith named Lord Struction in order to threaten Hargin's clients and rivals, Tuno was earning large sums of credits until he attempted to pull the same stunt with members of the Exchange. Hargin disappeared after the failed confrontation while Tuno managed to escape with his life by fleeing the scene.[2]

Abandoning the ruse of a Sith, Tuno took up the guise of Jedi Master Wanderfar. With the limited knowledge he had accumulated with the Order, Tuno tricked beings into paying for his services such as glimpsing the future in exchange for a donation to the Order. The scam worked well until the Order investigated rumors of a strange mystic and shut down his operation.[2]

Eventually, Tuno ended up working for the White Maw on Hoth and was sent to infiltrate Aurek Base to steal a crate of sensors the pirate gang failed to steal. Coincidentally, the smuggler later known as the Voidhound arrived on Hoth on behalf of Senator Bevera Dodonna to steal a cloaking device from the White Maw. Tuno masqueraded as a Jedi Master, acting in place of the late Major Panin, the Voidhound's contact, who was killed in the Imperial attack on Aurek Base. Seeking to complete his task, as well as aid the Voidhound's mission, Tuno tricked the smuggler into stealing the sensor shipment to get into the White Maw's good graces. But later the Voidhound confronted Tuno over his deception. Tuno confessed everything but still was willing to assist the smuggler and set up a meeting with his contact, Shai Tenna. The Voidhound attempted to gain Tenna's favor and acceptance into the White Maw by interrupting a deal between a treacherous White Maw lieutenant and his Imperial contacts.

Tuno later met with the Voidhound in a wampa cave after the latter was betrayed by Tenna, who revealed himself to be an agent of Rogun the Butcher. Tuno informed the smuggler that Tenna had begun a coup against the White Maw's Gen'Dai leaders. The Voidhound then revealed the truth of their mission and Tuno agreed to assist. He arranged a rendezvous with the smuggler at the White Maw base, where the latter infiltrated the place through its back entrance, fighting through its automated defenses. By the time the Voidhound arrived, Tuno was being held captive by Rogun's men, who were intent on executing him, claiming that he had exhausted his purpose. After all the Weequays were dead, Tuno warned the smuggler that the adjourning contained Gand bounty hunter working for Rogun, as well as poisonous gas that only Gand can breath. Once the Gand were dealt with, Tuno confessed that he was working for Rogun and was tasked to kill the Voidhound. However, he changed his opinion after witnessing the smuggler in action and had realized that Rogun could be beaten. He then worked with the smuggler to acquire the cloaking device in the White Maw's main base in the wreckage of the Star of Coruscant.[5]

Tuno went on to join the crew of the Voidhound's XS stock light freighter, eventually playing a role in the downfall of the Voidwolf. Later on, Tuno confessed to the Voidhound that he was having thoughts of returning to the Jedi Order, but eventually decided to remain with the smuggler.

After the Voidhound went missing, Tuno was accepted as a Padawan by a force-sensitive named Isaac so that Tuno could learn the ways of the Force. Isaac instead went on to use Guss as his errand boy, instructing him how to use the Force to get discounts on his drinks such as Tarisian ale. Isaac eventually permitted Guss to join the Anti-Zakuul Alliance after the Alliance Commander met the duo on Nar Shaddaa.[4]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Preferring a life of leisure to actual work, Tuno was not a good match with the Jedi Order and longed for a healthy retirement where he might indulge in the physical pleasures rather then the moral fortitude offered by the Jedi. Speaking before thinking situations through, Tuno often worked his way out of a tough situation through talking his foes down or threatening them with his limited knowledge of Jedi skills. Having stolen a lightsaber from his former master, Tuno used the weapon to ward off potential threats until he could flee to safety.[2]

Though he prides himself on separating smugglers and businessmen from their credits, Guss is a generally kind-hearted soul who shies away from pointless bloodshed.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Languss Tuno is voiced by Gary Schwartz. Tuno's entry on the Holonet stated that he was born on Dac, but the Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia later stated he was born on Varn.

Guss Tuno makes a cameo appearance in the Alliance quest to recruit Blizz as the "Jedi-Man".[6]

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