The Lannik High Court was the ruling body of the planet Lannik in the years before the Clone Wars. During the reign of prince R'cardo Sooflie IX's father, an insurgent terrorist group called the Red Iaro began a long and bloody civil war. Early on in this conflict, a group of Corellian diplomats were sent to mediate. Jedi Master Even Piell also accompanied them as an observer and in his post as Jedi Watchman of Lannik. However, when the Corellian diplomats were finally able to meet with the Lannik High Court, the Red Iaro attacked. Master Piell was able to defeat all of them, but at the cost of his left eye.

The war raged on for many years until eventually the two parties were ready to talk again. They met on the planet Malastare where a failed assassination plot by the Iaro left their leader dead, and the rest of the organization scattered. Because of this, the unpopular High Court under R'card Sooflie IX was restored to power.

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