Lanthrym was a planet in the Elrood sector. It was on this planet that Cermack Rustill boarded the Shining Comet which was en route to Bodrin. It was considered a good port for pirates. There was a sizable Gamorrean population living there.

Lanthrym would service any ship, including those belonging to pirates and wanted criminals. The criminal Morana Fal, who had escaped from the Soruus system with a suit of prototype battle armor, was last sighted on Lanthrym.

This was the primary world in the Lanthrym system, a little-traveled part of the Elrood sector. It was primarily populated by Gamorreans, who work on the planet for the various pirates and crime lords that use Lanthrym as their base.

It was a cool world, covered with frozen plains and snowy wastes. The climate has forced the crime bosses to build their casinos and gladiator arenas underground.

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