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"Triage redeployments, as a result of what happened at Lucazec, I suppose. The same at Centares and Lantillies. No telling where your-uh, the missing ship is going to revert next."
―The captain of the Liberator informs Tarkin about redeployments at Lantillies[src]

Lantillies was a world located in the galaxy's Mid Rim,[3] at the confluence of the Perlemian Trade Route[1] and the Randon Run.[2] By 14 BBY,[5] it hosted an Imperial base. When the corvette Carrion Spike was stolen from Imperial Governor Wilhuff Tarkin by a rebel cell and used to attack TaggeCo mining facilities on Lucazec, Imperial forces stationed at Lantillies and Centares were moved in triage redeployments to try and protect other Imperial assets that might be attacked. Vice Admiral Dodd Rancit—who was secretly one of those behind the attacks—later outlined fears to Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine that Lantillies itself might be a potential target since it was no longer as protected due to the redeployments; however, the base was never attacked by the corvette as the rebel cell was destroyed by Tarkin.[4] Lantillies was the homeworld of Resistance bombardier Nix Jerd.[3]

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Lantillies was created for the Star Wars Legends Star Wars Campaign Pack written by Paul Murphy and released by West End Games in 1988. The location was confirmed to be canon by the novel Tarkin, which was written by James Luceno and released in 2015.

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