"I'm Ysanne and that's my dad. He's in charge of this place."
"I assure you, your father is not in charge."
―Ysanne Isard and Lanu Pasiq[3]

Lanu Pasiq was a member of the Imperial Inquisitorius, who helped hunt down the fugitive Jedi Padawan Drake Lo'gaan and his friends, Ekria and Zonder. Following the rise of the Galactic Empire in 19 BBY, Pasiq, a Force-sensitive, found herself in a group of prisoners who were either former members of the Agricultural Corps or other miscellaneous Force adepts. She, along with three others—Antinnis Tremayne, Halmere, and Gwellib Ap-Llewff—was selected by the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader to be one of the first members of the Inquisitorius.

Among her first tasks was the capture of Lo'gaan, who was operating under the alias of "Jodd Sonta." With Tremayne leading the operation, Pasiq and the other Inquisitors made several attempts to capture the Jedi, to little avail. Much of Pasiq's time and resources were dedicated to the capture of Lo'gaan, and she found herself working with Imperial Intelligence. While one of Lo'gaan's allies, Zonder, was captured and later killed by Vader, the Inquisitors were unable to eliminate Lo'gaan or Ekria, and the task was left in the hands of the Dark Lord himself.


Joining the Inquisitorius[]

Lanu Pasiq was a Force-sensitive Human female who lived during the Imperial era.[2] She was born on the planet Dathomir[1] and by 19 BBY, she was among a large group of Agricultural Corps members and other Force adepts who had been imprisoned by the newly-formed Galactic Empire. The group was held in a large chamber on the Deep Core world of Byss, where they were overseen by Sly Moore, a member of the Imperial government. One day, the group was visited by Emperor Palpatine and the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader. The prisoners' binders were deactivated, and Vader moved to engage the entire group at once in combat. He was easily able to fend off all the prisoners, including Pasiq, until one of their number, Antinnis Tremayne, pressed one of the buttons on Vader's life-support system, restricting the Dark Lord's breathing. Suitably impressed, Vader selected Pasiq, Tremayne, and two other prisoners, Halmere and Gwellib Ap-Llewff, to come with him, before immediately having the remainder of the prisoners executed.[2]

Pasiq trains with the other Inquisitors, under the supervision of Darth Vader.

Together with Vader, the group comprised the Imperial Inquisitorius, an agency built to serve the Dark Lord and hunt down fugitive Jedi Knights. Some time later, Pasiq attended a speech delivered by Tremayne in the Jrade District on Imperial Center to the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order's Sub-Adult Group. Following this, Pasiq was involved in a training session with her fellow Inquisitors, overseen by Vader himself. As the Inquisitors sparred, Tremayne mentioned to Vader that he believed a fugitive Jedi Padawan to be free on Imperial Center. As he did so, Vader intervened, grabbing Tremayne by the throat and ordering him to attack during his training, rather than defend. The Inquisitor did so—he grabbed Pasiq by the wrist and threw her into Halmere before taking both her and Halmere's lightsabers, and Ap-Llewff's as well. With Tremayne clearly the victor of the training session, Vader departed, ordering the Inquisitor to rid the galaxy of the Jedi.[2]

Hunting Jodd Sonta[]

Tremayne later discovered that the fugitive Padawan was one Jodd Sonta, and that he was working with a fellow Jedi fugitive, the Selonian Zonder. Zonder was set to depart for Byss to work as a slave, and Tremayne was sure Sonta would try and rescue him. While Tremayne boarded the transport to engage Sonta, the others—Pasiq, Halmere, and Ad-Llewff—waited for further orders. They later received them and were tasked by Tremayne with killing Zonder. As they moved in, blasters drawn, the three Inquisitors came across a band of non-Humans, led by Zonder and another Jedi fugitive, Ekria. Halmere ordered Zonder to surrender, while Pasiq insisted that the other non-Humans return to their cabins. The non-Humans did not take kindly to the demands of the Inquisitors, and they moved to attack.[2]

When Zonder bit down on Halmere's arm, Pasiq responded by opening fire on Ekria, but the Jedi was able to deflect the shot with an armored wrist gauntlet. Pasiq was then tackled by a Talz before Imperial stormtroopers entered the area and began firing on the insurgents, forcing them to retreat back into the transport. From within the ship, however, they were able to escape aboard a Bantha-II cargo skiff that was being stored in the cargo hold. Furthermore, Sonta was able to elude Tremayne's grasp, prompting the Inquisitor to instruct his colleagues to hide their failure from Vader, who was currently off-planet. Tremayne assured Pasiq, Halmere, and Ap-Llewff that they would eliminate the Jedi before the Dark Lord returned to Imperial Center.[2]

Tremayne later ventured off-world to hunt two Jedi, a Gotal and a Zeltron. He was successful and extracted intelligence from the Zeltron on the whereabouts of other Jedi. Pasiq and Vader personally greeted Tremayne upon his arrival, and the Dark Lord went on to debrief the Inquisitor. As soon as he had left, Tremayne quizzed Pasiq as to her progress toward finding Sonta, but she claimed that they had disappeared completely. Tremayne realized that he would have to act quickly to keep his failure hidden from Vader, and planned to visit Director Armand Isard of Imperial Intelligence with Pasiq the next day, with the intent of using Intelligence's resources to scour the planetary media and surveillance networks for any trace of Sonta. Pasiq, in turn, asked if they were going to act on the Zeltron Jedi's intelligence, but Tremayne insisted that Sonta was the priority.[3]

While at Imperial Intelligence Headquarters, Pasiq took a computer console and began tracking down Sonta. During her work, she brought up an image of Sonta on a large viewscreen, attracting the attention of Isard's young daughter, Ysanne. After being distracted by the young girl, Pasiq discovered a news report featuring an Omwati couple who had been attacked by thugs the previous night, but were saved by a trio of young, adept combatants, one of whom was described as a "huge furry beast." Tremayne was satisfied that they had located Sonta and his cronies. Acting on the information, Tremayne attempted to capture Sonta at the apartment of the Omwati couple, but failed to do so, and the fugitive escaped once again.[3]

Afterward, Pasiq stayed at Tremayne's quarters and made use of his sauna. While Tremayne was meditating, Prince Xizor of House Sizhran arrived, and Pasiq let him in. The Falleen prince joined Pasiq in Tremayne's sauna, and she fell prey to his pheromones. By the time Tremayne had finished his meditation, Pasiq was sitting on the prince's lap, giggling. Tremayne was outraged, but Xizor pacified him. The two went on to agree to help one another. Tremayne provided the prince information about Vader, and Xizor, who knew about the Inquisitor's hunt for Sonta, kept silent.[3]

The hunt ends[]

"Do you think they're dead?"
―Lanu Pasiq[4]

Tremayne's alliance with Xizor later resulted in the Falleen prince's capture of the Selonian Jedi Zonder. Among the Jedi's personal effects was a communication device. Pasiq and her staff discovered that the device was too heavily encrypted to trace, and they could not instantaneously pinpoint the other two fugitives. Pasiq was present when Tremayne tortured the captured Jedi, hoping to procure the location of Sonta and Ekria. The Selonian responded by levitating Pasiq through the Force and bringing her close to him. He declared that he was not desperate, only hungry. At that moment, Vader entered the room, activated Zonder's communication device, and ordered that the Selonian be freed from his restraints. The Dark Lord returned the Jedi's lightsaber to him, and the two dueled. Zonder was wounded, and he remarked to Pasiq that it was fortunate that he hadn't eaten her. In a matter of time, the duel came to an end, and Vader beheaded the Selonian.[4]

Pasiq in a meeting with Tremayne, Isard, CC-5052, and CT-6734

According to Tremayne, Zonder had also possessed a recording. After reprimanding Tremayne, Vader had Pasiq play the recording. It showed businessman Baron Orman Tagge conversing with Emperor Palpatine, and plotting to supplant Vader as the Emperor's second-in-command. As soon as the recording had finished playing, Vader ordered Tremayne to destroy it, and he informed the Inquisitors that he would be sending them assistance in capturing the Jedi, in the form of two clone troopers, CC-5052 and CT-6734, respectively nicknamed "Bly" and "Galle." Bly had known Ekria from the Battle of Felucia during the Clone Wars, and mentioned that she was a particularly adept slicer. With that knowledge during a meeting with Pasiq, Tremayne, Bly, and Galle, Director Isard devised a plan to pinpoint Ekria's location. In addition, Vader had been able to determine that "Jodd Sonta" was merely a cover for the Jedi Padawan's real name: Drake Lo'gaan.[4]

Intelligence was able to successfully locate the Jedi, and Pasiq, Tremayne, and the clones set out for their location aboard a Low Altitude Assault Transport. Before they could reach their destination, a large explosion tore through the apartment where the Jedi were thought to be hiding. Ekria and Lo'gaan chose that moment to escape aboard an airspeeder. Tremayne ordered Bly to pursue them, and a chase ensued through the towers of Imperial City. Three V-wing starfighters joined the chase, and opened fire on the airspeeder. The craft was forced to crash, and Ekria jumped onto a nearby building for safety, while Lo'gaan jumped to a nearby platform, which had been his destination all along. On the platform, Vader was preparing to depart for Tepasi to deal with Baron Tagge. Vader's Noghri guards were able to subdue and capture Lo'gaan, and the Dark Lord tasked Tremayne with capturing Ekria, who had managed to escape. The Inquisitor failed, but both Jedi were believed to have been killed soon afterward on Tepasi.[4]

In 4 ABY, Palpatine and Vader died during the Battle of Endor, a key engagement fought between the Empire and the dissident Rebel Alliance. Following the battle, Pasiq allied herself with the secessionist Imperial warlord Zsinj.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Pasiq aired her opinions on the Imperial hierarchy to young Ysanne Isard while working at Imperial Intelligence, claiming that the head of the agency, Armand Isard, was most assuredly not in control of activities in his own department. Later, upon meeting Prince Xizor, she fell under the influence of his natural Falleen pheromones, and grew overly amorous toward him.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Lanu Pasiq first appeared in Paul Ens' webstrip, Evasive Action: Recruitment. She went unnamed in Recruitment, but was later identified in Evasive Action: Prey. Pasiq also went on to appear in the final installment of the series, Evasive Action: End Game. In all of her appearances, Lanu Pasiq was illustrated by Tom Hodges. She later received a brief mention in the 2012 publication The Essential Guide to Warfare, by Jason Fry and Paul Urquhart.



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