Largetto was a male non-humanoid Senator who served in the Galactic Senate during the Republic Classic era. He had big glossy eyes.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Largetto was a Republic Senator that represented a beset world that was some distance from the galactic Core. Along with his fellow Senators, Des'sein and Fang Zar, Largetto was a member of the Republic Group.

In 19 BBY, Largetto was one of the members of the Republic Group present to received a package from Captain Jadak. The package was said to have contained information that was crucial to the Republic Group's cause. Just after the end of the Battle of Coruscant, Largetto was told by Zang Far that Chancellor Palpatine had been rescued from Separatist custody, Count Dooku had been defeated and that martial law on Coruscant had ended. Largetto rejoiced at the news but was quickly sobered by Des'sein who believed the Republic Group needed to proceed with their plans. At that point in time Largetto told Captain Jadak that he should deliver the Stellar Envoy to Antarian Ranger Aren Folee in Salik City on Toprawa. He then provided the mnemonic code,"Restore Republic honor to the galaxy", that Jadak was to say to Folee upon delivery. With the Stellar Envoy and the mnemonic code Folee would then be able to retrieve the Republic Group's treasure.

In 43 ABY, Largetto's mnemonic device was used by the Solos and Jadak to travel to Tandun III where they found the Republic Group's treasure.

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