"Sometimes you have to make a stand, even if you can't tell who the bad guys are anymore."
―Larin Moxla[1]

Larin Moxla was a former Special Forces Republic trooper of the Blackstar Squad during the Cold War. She was a Kiffar with dark hair and green eyes. She had the distinctive markings of Clan Moxla tattooed on her cheeks. She snitched on her superior Sergeant Donbar and earned the nickname, "Toxic Moxla", and as a result, she was drummed out of the army. She ended up poor and living in the lower levels of Coruscant.


Early Life[]

"What about you? The Annexation, I mean."
"I was there, although I don't remember it clearly. I was too young. My parents slipped me into a shuttle and got me offworld before the worst of it hit. The shuttle took me to Abregado-rae, where a host family adopted me. They had taken on a lot of kids after the Treaty of Coruscant, but there was always space for another. It was a madhouse."
Shigar Konshi and Larin Moxla[1]

Larin Moxla was a child by the time of the annexation of her homeworld Kiffu by the Sith Empire.

Moxla served in Blackstar Squad, one of the Galactic Republic's top Special Forces units. She discovered that her CO, Sergeant Donbar, was corrupt during her time in the unit, and went above his head to report him. Donbar was removed from command, but Larin eventually left the unit as well. While living in Justicar territory on Coruscant, she became involved in a firefight with the Mandalorian, Dao Stryver and met Shigar Konshi at that time. While their clans historically hated one another, she got along well with Shigar.

Mission to Hutta[]


Larin Moxla was a member of Black Star Squad.

She also decided to aid Shigar in a mission on Nal Hutta. Shigar's mission was to obtain information on the remains of a vessel, called the Cinzia. Him and Moxla managed to make their way into Tassa Bareesh's palace with good disguises. The remains of the Cinzia were kept in this palace. Konshi and Moxla searched for the vault with the remains of the vessel inside the palace. Later, they found Ula Vii's escorts in a room in the palace after being knocked out by Obah gas in a cantina. The escorts, let by Sergeant Potannin, were taken to the palace after being found in the cantina. Moxla and Shigar brought Potannin and the escorts back to conciousness and they all went to the cantina and found that Jet Nebula and Ula Vii were not there. Moxla managed to hack into the palace's security system and locate the envoy and smuggler, who were being held by Stryver. Moxla, Potannin, and his squad entered and fired upon Stryver, who exited via the ceiling.

After freeing Vii and Nebula, Moxla realized that Stryver was headed toward the vault where the Cinzia's remains were being held. Moxla, the security team, Vii, and Nebula rushed to the vault. Along the way, they were met by Twi'lek majordomo Yeama, one of Bareesh's servants. He demanded that Moxla's team go no further, but she explained the vault was being robbed. Yeama called for palace security and the Imperial envoy. By the time they reached the vault, they had been joined by many of the palace's Gamorrean and Houk guards, along with the Imperial envoy and his guards.

They found Stryver, along with Shigar and a Sith apprentice, Eldon Ax, fighting out a three-way duel in the vault's antechamber. The team did not break into the fight until the vault burst open, releasing unknown droids into the antechamber. Shigar, the Sith, and Stryver all turned their attention to the droids, and Moxla told Yeama to bring more guards and heavy weaponry. Yeama returned with a pair of sniper rifles, which he gave to Moxla and Potannin. Moxla fired on the droids and discovered that they could deflect the bolts off of certain parts of their shiny silver surfaces. Eventually, Moxla began firing at the weapons on the droids' limbs, which allowed Shigar to get in closer. During the fight, Potannin and several other members of the Republic security team were killed. Eventually, Yeama brought in a heavy blaster turret, which he mounted and fired at the droids. The droids began redirecting Yeama's shots to blow out the vault walls. Moxla attempted to stop him, but he would not listen to reason, and Stryver was forced to kill him.

The hexes were eventually defeated, and Larin went to find the Cinzia's navicomputer. However, she was distracted by the mysterious second object in the vault, which she realized was actually a miniature droid factory. She fired several blaster bolts into it and then removed a piece of it. A moment later, the Sith apprentice slashed her lightsaber across Larin's left hand, removing four of her fingers. The Sith was prepared to strike Larin down, but Envoy Vii handed over the navicomputer at the last moment, only to have Stryver snatch it from the air. Subsequently, the ceiling collapsed, sending Stryver and the Sith into the lower levels of the palace, and Shigar followed. Ula Vii then went off, supposedly for the Republic shuttle, leaving Larin alone with the smuggler Jet Nebula, a Houk guard, and the last remaining member of Vii's security detail, a Kel Dor soldier named Hetchkee.

Shortly thereafter, another Twi'lek majordomo arrived and took Larin, Hetchkee, and Jet Nebula to Encaasa Bareesh's office, where Vii and Shigar were waiting for them. Shigar revealed that he had agreed to track Stryver for Tassaa Bareesh, in exchange for their release. Bareesh had agreed and Jet Nebula was to take them on his ship, the Auriga Fire. Along with Hetchkee, Vii, and Shigar, Larin joined Nebula and his combat droid, Clunker, on the Auriga Fire. There, Shigar revealed that he had taken a sliver of one of the hexes' skins and planned to read is psychometrically. Larin encouraged him to do so. While he did, Larin went with Envoy Vii to remove her damaged glove, which clung to the burnt remains of her fingers. When they got the glove off, they managed to replace her fingers with a rough paddle and glove which allowed her to grasp objects, but little more.

Battle of Sebaddon[]

Eventually, after a tense encounter between Shigar and Larin, the Jedi Padawan was able to read the sliver and discover the hexes' planet of origin, a world named Sebaddon. The Auriga Fire arrived in the Sebaddon system and they discovered that the planet orbited not a star, but a black hole. Nebula flew carefully around the black hole with Clunker's help, and they rendezvoused with a Republic fleet. Before they could board the Corellia, Master Satele Shan's command ship, Sebaddon launched missiles armed with hex droids. The Corellia was destroyed, and Shigar launched a rescue operation for the stranded crewmen, during which Larin mounted the Auriga Fire's port turbolaser.

After Shigar rescued Master Shan, Dao Stryver revealed himself and his ship, the First Blood. He told them that he needed to meet them and the Imperials aboard his ship as soon as possible. With Shigar, Vii, and Shan, Larin went aboard the First Blood, where they were met by Stryver, and the Sith apprentice Eldon Ax and her bodyguards. Stryver revealed that the hexes would spread across the galaxy and conquer it within a generation, and that they needed to team up to destroy the droids and their factories. Envoy Vii went with Ax to convince her Master, Darth Chratis, to agree to the temporary alliance, and Larin offered to go with him for protection, although Vii declined. When he returned, he told them that he had convinced Chratis to the alliance.

The Auriga Fire landed on Captain Pipalidi's ship, the Commenor, to discuss strategy. While there Vii, suggested to Pipalidi that Larin and Hetchkee be given the rank of lieutenant, though Larin mistakenly believed that it had been Shigar who suggested it. Major Cha, one of Pipalidi's men, took Larin and Hetchkee to the armory, where they selected weaponry and armor to use for the upcoming battle. Before the battle began, Larin confronted Shigar and kissed him, but he told her that he did not share her feelings. The embarrassed Shigar left the room, and Larin cursed herself for being so stupid. Hetchkee asked what was wrong, but she told him it was just nerves, and they prepared for combat. In order to differentiate rank, Larin, Hetchkee, and the other lieutenants were given green markings, while majors had orange, sergeants had blue, and troopers had black.

As Independent Operation Sebaddon began, Larin went aboard an Imperial shuttle along with Hetchkee, Major Cha, an Imperial lieutenant named Ozz, and a Zabrak Republic soldier named Ses Jopp, who degraded her for snitching on her superior. In retaliation, Larin suggested that Jopp be put in the frontlines to his sergeant. When the drop began, Larin lost two men straight out of the air. As their jets deployed, Larin was thrown off course, and the closest soldier to her was Jopp. The Zabrak initially hesitated, but as he reached for her, she fell beyond his reach, only to be saved by Hetchkee.

During the battle, Larin and Jopp were stranded atop a flying factory along with a few other soldiers. The two became friends during the time, and they managed to escape when the command grid was shut down. The operation ended with the destruction of all the hexes and the death of Darth Chratis. Larin returned to Coruscant and, along with Hetchkee, was allowed to keep her lieutenant rank. She considered forming a Special Forces squad made up of Sebaddon survivors, including Ses Jopp. She parted with Shigar, who had been Knighted by the Jedi Council, on good terms, and she considered beginning a romance with him and remained friends with Ula Vii.

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