Lariss was an Imperial major.


Major Lariss was a career Imperial officer, specializing in swift takeovers of indigenous planetary governments. Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, Lariss was sent to subjugate the planet Virujansi, and decide on the fate of the ruling Rajah and his Royal Court; house arrest, exile to the prison moon Captivity, or death. Unknown to him, the Rajah and his Court had been tipped off by the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and replaced with an Alliance team that were purposely trying to get sent to Captivity to enact a rescue plan on imprisoned senators and political prisoners. Lariss obliged them after they manipulated and angered him into exiling them.

Personality and traits[]

Lariss was sensitive about his appearance, and possessed a rather large nose. Alliance agents familiar with the Major referred to him as "Major Nose," or "hangar nose;" this information had found its way to Lariss' attention and infuriated him. Lariss was a no-nonsense officer, who looked down on the locals he was sent to subjugate as lesser beings. Despite have only a superficial knowledge of the worlds he subjugated, Lariss believed himself to be an expert on them.[1]

Skills and abilities[]

Lariss was trained in the use of blaster, as well as melee combat. He had a passing knowledge of alien species and their cultures, despite his belief he was an expert.[1]


Lariss carried a blaster pistol, and an Iajik whip, a souvenir he had acquired during a previous campaign.[1]


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