The Larkhess was an escort frigate[2] in the New Republic fleet.


The Larkhess was commanded by Captain Afyon and around 8 ABY it was of many warships reassigned and modified for cargo transport to stimulate galactic economy. To make room for the additional cargo, the crew was reduced to fifteen men. During that time the ship housed many different starfighter squadrons and the often arrogant attitude of the young hot-shot pilots led to friction with the crew and embitterment of Captain Afyon.[2]

In 9 ABY, during the conflict between the New Republic and Imperial Remnant reunified under Grand Admiral Thrawn the ship was still assigned to cargo duty. Prior to the Battle of Sluis Van, the ship housed the famed X-wing fighter squadron known as Rogue Squadron.[5] During the battle Afyon and his ship performed well, even with only a skeleton crew, but the Larkhess was ultimately captured by stormtroopers. Afyon had prepared to destroy the frigate rather than letting it fall into enemy hands, but the actions of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker prevented this,[2] but crippled the ship in the process.[5]



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