Sergeant Larkin was a male Human who served as a sergeant in the Imperial Military of the resurgent Sith Empire on the planet Balmorra.

Larkin was in a medical transport taking his wounded soldiers to a medcenter. His transport landed for refueling when a group of Resistance fighters led by Avers opened fire on them, destroying the transport and preventing his men from receiving medical attention. Fortunately, a Jedi Knight known as the Hero of Tython offered healing for him from a Resistance Doctor named Archiban Kimble. Just then, a group of Colicoids appeared. The Jedi attacked the Colicoids while Kimble healed the wounded Imperials. After the battle, Larkin was grateful to the Jedi, and promised to tell his comrades that a Jedi saved his life.

Behind the scenesEdit

Larkin is encountered during the Jedi Knight's quest on Balmorra. The Player has the option of helping Larkin and his wounded (Light Side), abandoning them (Neutral), or killing them (Dark Side). After defending them, the Jedi Knight can use a Mind trick to convince Larkin and his men to change sides (Dark Side).


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