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"There's nobody else. It's just me, Larry."

Larry, a male individual of a purple-furred, three-eyed species, was an inhabitant of the Forest Moon of Endor. As a child, he ran away from home and told the members of his tribe that it would take a million munyips to drag him back. A few years later, he returned to find that the entire tribe had moved. He then took up residence in the base of a hollow tree near the Ewok settlement known as Bright Tree Village; to scare off intruders, he developed the persona of evil forest spirits that the neighboring Kagles called the "Shrieks." Sometime in 3 ABY, the Ewoks Wicket Wystri Warrick and Teebo moved into a tree fort in the tree. Larry tried to scare the Ewoks off but was instead captured. He befriended the Ewoks and accompanied them when they returned to Bright Tree Village for the annual Harvest Festival. Later, the two Ewoks tried to sell Larry a fire feather-blanket, but when Larry complained of the cold and told the Ewoks that he was broke, they took pity on him and gave him the blanket for free.

Biography[edit | edit source]

"I've been here all alone ever since I ran away from home as a kid."

Larry was a male individual of a purple-furred, three-eyed species[1] and was born sometime before 3 ABY.[3] As a child, Larry lived with a tribe on the Forest Moon of Endor, but he ran away from home at a young age and told his tribe that it would take a million munyips to drag him back. He remained away from his people for a few years until he became homesick, at which point he returned, only to find that his entire tribe had moved. He then made a new home in the base of a hollow tree near an Ewok settlement called Bright Tree Village and neighboring the home of the Kagles. With a desire to remain undisturbed, Larry developed the persona of evil forest spirits and used the tree's hollow roots to project a maniacal laugh throughout the area to frighten anyone nearby. The neighboring Kagles attributed the sound to what they called the "Shrieks."[1]

Larry watches the Ewoks from the shadows.

At some point in 3 ABY,[3] Wicket Wystri Warrick and Teebo, two Ewoks from Bright Tree Village, ran away from home and took up residence in a tree fort built on Larry's tree, unaware that the site was believed to be haunted. Larry, however, saw the Ewoks enter and made plans to scare them off. When Teebo left that night to find food for dinner, Larry tried to scare Warrick out of the fort with his laugh. Before Warrick left, however, Teebo returned with the Kagles. As Teebo and the Kagles began playing a game of crocks, the Kagles remarked that they were surprised that the Shrieks had allowed the Ewoks to stay in the fort. When the two Ewoks told the Kagles that they had never heard of the Shrieks, the Kagles fled in fear.[1]

That night, the Ewoks prepared several traps in the hopes of preventing any Shrieks from entering the fort. As the Ewoks waited by lamplight, Larry stayed out of sight and cackled in the hopes of scaring the Ewoks away. When Warrick extinguished the lamp, Larry entered the fort, assaulted the two Ewoks, and quickly left. Warrick then reignited the lamp and caught a glimpse of Larry leaving the fort. However, when he and Teebo attempted to pursue Larry, they became ensnared in one of their own traps, which propelled them through the air and caused the fort's floor to collapse. The two Ewoks landed on the ground below the fort and again briefly saw Larry entering the base of the tree. As the Ewoks pursued him, Larry shouted through the hollow root system with warnings that the Ewoks should leave or be destroyed. Instead of departing, however, Warrick blew some dust from Teebo's magic pouch into the roots, causing Larry to have a sneezing fit, and the two Ewoks were able to capture him. Larry explained to the Ewoks that he was alone in the tree, and had been there ever since he had run away from home. Moved by Larry's story, Warrick and Teebo were convinced to return to their own home. Larry joined the Ewoks at the annual Harvest Festival being held at Bright Tree Village that night, and he gratefully consumed a generous portion of food.[1]

Larry convinces the Ewoks to give him the fire feather-blanket.

Later that year,[3] Larry was gathering sticks outside his tree when he was approached by Warrick and Teebo, who were out selling goods for the trader Mooth. When Larry remarked that he was cold, Warrick attempted to sell him a fire feather-blanket. Larry, however, had nothing to give Warrick in return, so he told the Ewoks that he was just a poor, lonely, cold hermit as he shivered and wiped tears from his eyes. The Ewoks took pity on Larry and gave him the blanket out of guilt. Larry gratefully took the blanket and retreated into his tree, leaving Warrick upset.[4]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

"But… I'm just a poor, lonely, old hermit. Did I mention I was cold, tired, friendless?"

Larry had tan skin and three white eyes with black pupils.[1] By 3 ABY,[3] he was obese,[5] somewhat taller than 0.8 meters,[2] and had only one tooth. Most of his bodily fur was purple, although his mustache was blue and his eyebrows were black.[1]

Pessimistic and reclusive by nature, Larry fled his home at an early age and lived as a hermit for much of his life. His desire to be left alone was so strong that he developed the persona of an evil forest spirit to ward off intruders. However, he later befriended the Ewoks Warrick and Teebo, and he was willing to shed his isolationism when it involved something of benefit, such as the food at the Ewoks' Harvest Festival.[1] He was also quite manipulative, perfectly willing to feign morosity to acquire what he wanted, as was shown when he persuaded Warrick and Teebo to give him the fire feather-blanket for free.[4]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Larry first appeared in "Home is Where the Shrieks Are," the third episode of the second season of the Ewoks television series. The episode was written by Bob Carrau and first aired on September 20, 1986.[5] He later appeared[4] in the season's eleventh episode, "Hard Sell," which was written by Michael Reaves and first aired on October 25, 1986. He also was mentioned in A Star Wars CELibration, an article published in Star Wars Insider 27 in 1995.[5] In the Ewoks television series, Larry was portrayed by an uncredited voice actor.

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