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Anakin is Lars Quell

Skywalker as Lars Quell

Lars Quell was an alias used by Anakin Skywalker when he infiltrated the Zygerrian slaver world. Wearing the attire of a Zygerrian trader, he claimed to have brought a slave—in fact a disguised Ahsoka Tano—as a gift for Queen Miraj Scintel.[1]


During their mission to Zygerria, Skywalker used the alias to infiltrate the Royal Palace. There, Skywalker claimed that he had bested and killed Queen Miraj Scintel's hated rival, Bruno Denturri. As such, he told the Queen that he had taken his slave from Denturri's palace. In his role, Skywalker was to impress the queen by flirting with her.[1]



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