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This article is about a family living in Tatooine. You may be looking for Lars, a pirate operating in Cularin.

The Lars family was a family that lived primarily on the planet Tatooine. The earliest known member of the Lars family was Lef Lars. With his wife, Gredda, they had two sons named Cliegg and Edern. Cliegg married Aika and had a son named Owen. After Aika died, Cliegg married Shmi Skywalker, whom he freed from slavery. Cliegg's son, Owen, married a girl named Beru Whitesun.

When Anakin Skywalker, the son of Shmi, became Darth Vader, his son, Luke Skywalker, was cared for by Owen and his wife, Beru Whitesun, whom he called "Uncle Owen" and "Aunt Beru." They were killed by Imperial stormtroopers in 0 BBY. Since they had no blood descendants, the family line ended with them.

It is possible that Luke's aunt Coolie was connected in some way with the Lars family.

Family treeEdit

Lef Lars
Gredda Lars
Aika Lars
Cliegg Lars
Shmi Skywalker
Edern Lars
(see Whitesun family)
Owen Lars
Beru Whitesun Lars
(see Skywalker family)
Luke Skywalker
(adopted by Lars family)
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