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The Lasat were a sentient species indigenous to the arid Wild Space planet Lasan. They developed heat-dissipating ears, a light covering of insulating fur, and large eyes suited to twilight vision to support their lifestyle as desert carnivores.

The Lasat were considered "crafty" or "sneaky" by the galaxy at large due to their tendency to capture their food by trapping.

Culture and societyEdit

Lasat society was held together by a long-standing oral tradition, featuring clever and stealthy heroes. Their social structure was largely nomadic, though powerful city-states existed, with buildings constructed of mud and brick. Both the cities and the tribes were ruled by hereditary religious figures, with laws being enforced by a warrior-police caste.

Political and economic concerns lead frequently to wars in which the tribal nomads often served as mercenaries.

Lasat in the galaxyEdit

Only a relatively small number of Lasat left their homeworld, apparently as slaves. Fortunately for them, the Lasat made poor slaves and many were skilled at crafting explosives out of common chemical agents. Their servitude was short lived.

Occasionally, ignorant citizens of the galaxy mistook exceptionally tall or bulky Lasat for Wookiees, due to their (typically) light-brown fur, which sometimes resembled Wookiee fur on males of the species (Lasat females had much shorter hair). In fact, the Lasat were easily distinguishable by their small nose and bald face, hands and tail.

A notable Lasat was bounty hunter Puggles Trodd.

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Ralph McQuarrie's concept artwork

The appearance of the Lasat species is based on early concept drawings by Ralph McQuarrie for the character that became Chewbacca.[3]



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