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Lasat was the language of the planet Lasan, spoken by the Lasat species. Following the genocide on Lasan at the hands of the Galactic Empire at some point before 3272 LY, proper use of that tongue declined. Most other species found it difficult to pronounce the rolled r's of the Lasat language properly, which was why Garazeb Orrelios went by the nickname of "Zeb."[1]

Known words[]

  • Ashla—The Lasat name for the Force[2]
  • Bogan—A term used by Garazeb Orrelios for dokma, creatures he found bothersome.[3]
  • Ashbo—Roughly translated to "steady" or "balanced".[4]
  • Karabast—An exclamation used in moments of crisis.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

In the DVD and Disney+ captions for "The Mystery of Chopper Base", Zeb refers to the dokma as "bogens" rather than "bogans."

In the Star Wars Legends continuity, Ashla and Bogan both have additional meanings related to the Force and often related to each other (for example, being the two moons of the Je'daii Order's homeworld).



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