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Kallus shoots in the Senate

Alexsandr Kallus firing his J-19 bo-rifle.

A laser was a beam of focused energy operating under the same principles as blaster weaponry. Energy-rich gas would be converted to a glowing particle beam with the type of gas dictating the bolts color and qualities. The most common color was red because of its cheaper gas, green bolts are produced from a higher quality gas thus increasing price, blue bolts used ion based charges for more effectiveness against electronic and mechanical targets, such as droids, and orange being low powered and used more in training.[1] Although these lasers did not act like a normal laser of photons moving the speed of light as seen as laser trip wires, it was a projectile weapon that could melt through targets, create explosions and even disintegrate objects.[2] Throughout the galaxy, it was most often employed in the form of the laser cannon weapon.[3] The primary weapon of the Death Star was an exceedingly powerful superlaser capable of obliterating entire planets.[4] It was also employed on its followup.[5] Another laser weapon was the DLT-18 laser rifle.[6]

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