"Wow. Is that a laser-sniper?"
"You should be careful… you never know what might happen to it up here."
―Luke Skywalker destroys Glunge's laser-sniper[1]

The laser-sniper was a type of black sniper rifle that fired lasers. It had a scope that provided a red tinted crosshair.[1] Shortly after the Battle of Yavin that marked the start of 0 ABY,[2] the bounty hunter Glunge made use of a laser-sniper while attempting to claim a bounty on the smuggler Han Solo on the Outer Rim planet Rion.[1]

Glunge set up on a roof top to shoot Solo with the weapon while the smuggler was participating in a swoop race. He intended to send his target to a medical center; however, as the hunter aimed the rifle at Solo's head using its scope, the Jedi Luke Skywalker sliced the weapon in half using his lightsaber and then knocked Glunge out.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

A laser-sniper appeared in the comic "Swoop Racers" which was published in Star Wars Adventures (2017) 21[1] on May 8, 2019.[3] The comic was written by Cavan Scott and illustrated by Derek Charm.[1]


Notes and references[]

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