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The laser rifle was standard issue to the Corellian armed forces. Its use was restricted to the best Corellian snipers. The snipers who used this rifle generally earned fame with its trademark accuracy. Combined with the laser rifle's extraordinary power and the option to fit a scope of any size according to the user's personal preferences, this rifle was by far one of the deadliest weapons in the galaxy.

Laser rifles were also used by various elite commandos during the Galactic Civil War.

In Lamaredd, laser rifles were used for mining purposes. The Menahuun primitive species took over the local mines and adopted laser rifles as their weapon.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The script for the original film calls rifles carried by both Luke Skywalker and the Tusken Raiders "laser rifles."[2] This term was adopted by the comic adaptation Star Wars (1977) 1, which was based on the script and came out before the finished film. By contrast, the later Star Wars Customizable Card Game classified both these rifles as slugthrowers: the 6-2Aug2 hunting rifle and the Tusken Cycler, respectively.[3][4]

Kenner produced a toy it called a "3 position laser rifle" as part of its first Star Wars toy line in 1977. The toy was modelled after the rifles carried by the stormtroopers in A New Hope.



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