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Spinner piloting the Last Hope in Tahv

The Last Hope was a Jedi starship which survived on Kesh for nearly four thousand years following the Great Calamity during the aftermath of the Hundred-Year Darkness. It had been part of a Jedi patrol that intercepted a Dark Jedi ship that had escaped from the Stygian Caldera, where the exiled and defeated Dark Jedi had ended up after the Battle of Corbos in 6900 BBY. The Jedi pursued their Dark Jedi foes to Kesh, where the two rival Force-using factions became stranded since the planet's strong magnetic field hampered interstellar travel. Following a fierce battle that devastated much of the planet and threatened the indigenous Keshiri, the two Force factions made peace after imprisoning the Dark Jedi leader Remulus Dreypa within an oubliette. This Jedi Starship survived the fighting and was hidden in the Keshiri burial cairns beneath Circle Eternal, a sacred site within the city of Tahv.

Meanwhile, the Jedi and Dark Jedi headed to the frozen continent of Eshkrene in the planet's south pole where they started a new community known as "the Doomed" that was devoted to protecting the Keshiri. During the Great Hyperspace War in 5000 BBY, dark side-wielding Human Sith from the Sith Empire became stranded on Kesh. Under the leadership of Yaru Korsin, these survivors became the "Lost Tribe of Sith" and became the rulers of the Keshiri people on the main continent of Keshtah Minor. Unaware of the history, these Sith had co-opted ancient Keshiri accounts of the Great Calamity to legitimize their claims to be the divine "Skyborn." In 2974 BBY, the Lost Tribe exile Parlan Spinner and the Sith princess Takara Hilts stumbled on the Doomed in Eshkrene.

Seeking to settle scores with the Tribe, Spinner stole Dreypa's oubliette and returned back to Keshtah. He and Dreypa then instigated a rebellion against the Tribe. After Dreypa unleashed several malevolent Sithspawn known as Leviathans, the Doomed arrived on a flight of uvaks and attempted to defeat Dreypa's Sithspawn. However, they were defeated, and Dreypa's Sithspawn drained their life energies. Dreypa was also able to access their memories and learned about the existence of the Jedi Starship. Meanwhile, Spinner joined forces with Takara and the Doomed leader Kaliska, who revealed the existence of the vessel to the two Human Sith. Since Dreypa had ambitions of galactic domination, Kaliska wanted to deny him access to the starship and ordered its destruction.

Spinner promised to destroy the vessel but reneged upon his promise when he arrived back in Tahv. He managed to escape into the atmosphere above Tahv, but Dreypa contacted him and threatened to destroy Tahv and to kill Hilts if he did not return the starship. Spinner was then overcome by his love for Takara and returned to Tahv. He used the Jedi Starship to destroy the Leviathans. During the fighting, Takara and Dreypa both ended up clinging to the hull of the Jedi Starship. Spinner "returned" the starship to Dreypa and then jumped into the Southern Ocean with Takara. Dreypa took control of the starship only to find that Spinner had set the ship's autopilot on a one-way trip to Sessal Spire's caldera. The Jedi Starship crashed into the volcanic crater and was destroyed, killing Dreypa. This prevented any word about the existence of Kesh and the Lost Tribe from reaching the greater galaxy for millennia.

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