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Lavina Durada-Vashne Wren was a female Human Senator of the Galactic Republic who represented the Cularin system from 32 BBY[1] to 19 BBY.


When the recently rediscovered (232 BBY) Cularin system joined the Republic in 32 BBY, Wren was elected Senator. One of her first actions was a request for an active, galactic military presence in her system, to react against the constant pirate raids on transport ships. Wren firmly believed that the military would discourage the pirates. However, the Republic (which lacked an army at that point) sent a fleet and two divisions of the Thaereian military, under infamous Colonel Jir Tramsig, which proved ineffective for a short-term solution. Senator Wren, the native Tarasins and some idealists were the only ones impressed by the military presence in the system.[1]

At some point following an assassination attempt in 31 BBY, she fell in love with Jarid DeBell,[2] and the two went on to have a daughter three years later, whom they named Night Forael Wren.

In about 21 BBY, during the beginning of the Clone Wars, Senator Wren sent her Senior assistant Sa'arli to Almas, to award the local heroes with the Order of Cularin.[3]

Later in the Clone Wars, she was arrested on spurious charges of collaboration with the Confederacy of Independent Systems, which led to Cularin's occupation by clone troopers.

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