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Law's Squad was a unit of clone troopers led by Clone Lieutenant Law that accompanied Jedi Master B'ink Utrila and her Padawan Rennax Omani on a mission to Draay 2 to find the Sith relic the Gauntlet of Kressh the Younger


The squad was composed of four clone troopers equipped with DC-15 blaster carbines, they were led by Clone Lieutenant Law and sported purple markings on their armor.


After finding the Gauntlet of Kressh the Younger, the squad rested along with their accompanying Jedi but found themselves in a brief engagement with the terrorist group Death Watch. During the attack Rennax Omani was captured by Death Watch forcing the squad to cease fighting. Pre Vizsla offered Horns to join Death Watch if he killed B'ink Utrila but Horns declined. While Horns and Vizsla were talking, Glitch was able to grab Omani's lightsaber, engaging Vizsla in lightsaber combat. During the duel between Glitch and Vizsla, the temple began to collapse, but the squad and Jedi were able to escape except for Glitch. But after a moment, Glitch emerged from the rubble wearing the Gauntlet, but discarded it into a nearby river.